Tuesday, August 27, 2002

hm, sorry to krys for misquoting her song. If IIIIIIII would have written it, I would have used "fall" but since I didnt, and she did I guess she can use "go". Fair enough. It's like that one FIF song I always misquote. Cant think of it now, but krys always makes fun of me for misquoting it. if IIIIIIIIII would have written the FIF song I would have written it whatever way i misquote it. But again, I didnt. If anyone would lke to change lyrics to songs I actually do write, let me know. I probably wont, but I'll at least take it into consideration.
So as of today I have been to all 3 of my classes. I really like college. I have many insights and observations even for just 2 days, but I think those will wait since I'm at work. ha.