Monday, August 19, 2002

I am exhausted. This must be some what like how my parents feel everyday after working 8 hours. My life is gonna be hecka crazy the next 5 months. The up side to that, is that the months will fly and before I know it I'll be back on a 747 headed for paradise.
I started my second job today babysitting Dave. Every monday wednesday, and friday I'll hang out with him in the afternoon. Which is pretty much what I'm doing. Getting paid to hang out with the cutest, sweetest 4and1/2 year old I've ever met. Seriously this kid could be a model. soooooo cute. And fairly intelligent for his age. (He's very dissapointed that he can't read yet. Talk about pressure!) We did lots of cool stuff. He "beat" me at ping pong many times. We made a "race track" in his room. We colored and just ran around the house pretty much. I think the most amazing thing about the whole ordeal is that I've actually found a kid that likes me. No joke. Me and kids dont really mix very often. Sometimes it's hard for me to get to their level. I think Dave's level is a little higher than most kids though, or for some reason it's just easy for me to get just chill with a 4 year old. I dunno. But I'm stoked. I think it will definitely work out, and I'll be able to study there and stuff too. It will definitely be a great break from CSE. ha.
That's about it for me. I"m going to bed way too early. arrrrrrrrrr. Oh but first every one needs to go here
Leaving It Behind and tell krys to pierce herself up, and that scars are cool! yeeeeeeeeeah.