Wednesday, August 28, 2002

(just fyi, this whole post is going to be in an aussie accent. startiiiiiiiiinggggggggg.....NOW)
I'm really patheitic. In many ways actually. (no this is not an "I hate myself" post so get your cursah away from the guestbook link)
I first realized this patheticness today (not for the first time, just the first time TODAY) when my friend whom I havent really spoken to in about 5 days popped up on my msn at work. I was stoked even though we both only had a few minutes. However, after the short conversation, I realized I was TOTALLY in withdrawl! It's really weird how you can go through that with a person. As opposed to like a drug, or caffine or something. But like, I"ve totally talked to this person, literally, EVERYDAY this summah. And I spent 24 hours a day with ha for a week. So it's almost felt like cutting off my right ahm in a sense. And I didnt really realize it until I had kind of spoken to ha. It like whetted my appetite or something. I didnt know what I was missing until it was back. then gone. I'm not saying that I cant exsist without friendship. I reckon I could if I had to. But I think life would be pretty crap. And it's not like I've talked to her every day of my life, hardly. Havent even known ha half my life. And I'm pretty sure when I was in japan I went nearly a month without any real communication. I think it's just like the difference when you are talking to a person or with a person constantly and then.......nothing, you're just kind of wondering what happened. Like it was fully the same thing when I left sydney. Like I had pretty much spent the past 6 months with my "sistah", not physically always, but I think all up I spent about a month and a half with her? *counts* yeah that's about right, maybe I bit more? but we talked on the phone heaps and we were in the same time zone, and then bam I"m back in the states and once again we're on opposite sides of the world. withdrawl. Is it unhealthy to experience this with a person? Is that like a tell tale sign that you are way too dependant on anothah human? I dont think it is really.
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