Wednesday, August 21, 2002

so i have a half hour until i get to leave work. a very looooooooooong half hour.

I was just at blogskins they have some very cool templates. I dunno if I can be bothered tho. Actually, I dont know if krys can be bothered. ha. I guess I could go look through all the code and see how she got my comments and stuff to work, but yeah like I said, dont know if I can be bothered. I might just have to have a simple template forever.

And now for the homework. muuuuaaaahahahaaaaa.
I bet you didnt know that reading this *cringe* blog was a committment to having to do homework. well it is. ha.
You have to go find a dictionary, and look up the definition for the word "member". Write down the definitions. Then go and read 1 Corinithians 12. If you recieve no new insight or revelation from this email me and I'll send you $5.
Now go! you have homework!