Friday, August 16, 2002

So this is my new place. The new home for all my random thoughts and writings I foolishly decide to throw out for public consumption.
Why did I move? Well for one, the old place is really pretty obvious, it could possibly become incriminating one of these days, if it hasn't already. Second, I've been at the old place for a while now, and though it is cozy, this new home just had so many new features and advantages that the old place doesn't have. Most notably being able to post many random, floating thoughts in one day without them getting covered up by subsequent random floating thoughts. Third, I've just been feeling like it's time for a change, and since a friend showed me around this place a bit I thought I'd go ahead and make the switch. I don't actually know how happy she'll be about having me in the same neighborhood. I didn't tell her I was moving. Actually I didn't even tell myself I was moving, I just kind of spontaneously did it on this quiet friday evening. So I hope you dont mind having me around the neighborhood mate.
So thanks to you, who ever you are, for comming to my house warming party. I know the place is still a little bare, that will change with time. I might get a new coat of paint, or some carpet or something. But I think for now, I like the simplicity of it all. Who needs couches when you have bean bag chairs ya know. Well I think I'm going to call it a night. It's been a long day of hauling furnature, and I've still got heaps to learn about this new neighborhood.