Monday, August 26, 2002

well my friends, it's been an abusive couple days. But God is good hey! And although I have recently moved to this lovely new site, my dearly beloved "List" shall live on. (notice i said MY dearly beloved list). If this list seems a bit angst filled, please just take it in stride.

1. The thing I hate the most this week: The Internet
2. Song I cant get out of my head this week: Clinging, by the lovely ms. Locey. "Lord what if I'm the next one to fall, the demons are knocking" wasnt there kind of a dc talk song along the same lines? It was on Jesus Freak? dang what was that. oooo "What if I stumble, what if i fall, what if I lose my step and I make fools of us all" Well krys' take on a familiar theme to all of us is much better.
3. The worldly possesion i am most addicted to this week: My guitar.
4. The best phone calls made in one day: two calls back to back to Sydney. One to Hillsong College, and one to ms. kearsley
5. The best phone call recieved in one day : "Hey mel, i'm alive". Not that I doubted...
6. Best sound in the WORLD: Aussie accents. Hands down. Bar none. No arguing. Thank you very much. I think the only thing I'd rather here is the voice of God himself. Although that could possibly be scarey. But in a good way I'm sure. Maybe I"d rather here those glorious trumpets calling me home. hm. tough call.
7. Weirdest place I've been this week: um, school (what the!)
8. The thing I cant stand about myself at the moment: How I am sooooooo judgemental
9. Favorite CD this week: Waterdeep Worship: You Are So Good To Me. If you dont have this cd you need it. And if you dont have either of the worship circle cd's you need those too.
10. Second favorite cd this week: The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin. If you are into gospel/hip hop/rb this cd rocks. or um, doesnt. I dunno. But even if you arent into that kidna music you should chiggity check it out.
11. Funniest thing Dave did today: Made villains out of every SINGLE one of his toys (ex: mr. flashlight-he blinds you to death, mr. waterbottle-he will drown you, mr. spinning blanket-he spins alot) then proceeded to let the villainous toys attack me, then BRAVELY come to the rescue. 30 times. In a row.
12. Favorite drug this week: aleve! yay aleve!
13. Prayer request of the week: just pray for some family issues hey. and dont forget our joany.

Well that pretty much concludes my current list.
I might go to bed.