Friday, August 30, 2002

A year ago today I landed in THIS beautiful city. And for about the 500th time, I can't belive it's been a whole year. I remember my first train ride across the harbour bridge and into the city. My first night in australia and where does ali take me? A pub. In the city. ha ha. Have to give her a hard time about that one. love ya mate. Well I feel like i've pretty much killed that horse a few times. Through dx and different convos. I just wanted to link a picture. =)

So I'm loving school. Besides the fact that my eng 102 professor is missing half of his brain, it's all good.
I'm especially stoked for my world religions class. Yesterday I was the only one in a class of 30 or so to raise their hand and say they believe in absolute truth. That was scary. I'm kind of glad that I am being forced to defend my faith and beliefs. Amazingly enough I dont feel like I've ever really had to stand up for my faith. I know i've never been persecuted because of it. I'm hoping this class will bring a bit of both. The professor in that class is super cool. He knows tons about all different religions, and wont tell us his prsonal belife and insists that we dont have to agree with eachother, but we do have to be civil, and tolerate eachother. Which pretty much gaurantees my thoughts are just as valid as the atheist next to me, but whatever. At least he doesnt think i'm an idiot. I'm just totally praying that GOd will lead me to the right people and open doors in that class. Cause I reckon people talk that class cause they are fully seeking. *sigh* yeah.
im hecka tired, and have all of a sudden have seemed to lose any mental capacity I had to write as of even 30 seconds ago. I think it's time for bed.