Sunday, September 22, 2002

God's teaching my so much. I just wish my head wasnt plugged up with phlegm. Then some of it might actually get through.
yeah i'm still sick. This is like the worst sickness. It'sjust getting worse, but doing so verrrrrrrrry slowly. SO you cant actually tell you are getting worse until you are just worse. and like some things are actually better. Like I could kinda sing leading worship today. with my handy dandy water bottle at my side. but my body was seriously rebelling during the sermon was saying "it's ok, it's church. They HAVE to forgive you if you fall asleep" I dont remember driving home. But some how I ended up safe and sound in my bed for a couple good hours. I"m actually heading back there shortly. yay.
I would also like to mention how I just feel so priviledged to be working with the most amazing youth pastor. I mean seriously praise God this guy is 10 years older than me and more "european" than australian. But yeah it's just so rad to be able to be under him right now. Like he is such a man of action. Which I totally love. Like our last youth pastor was great, but not so much an action kinda guy. Example, the sound system in the youth room has needed rewiring for probably a year and a half now. Maybe two. Whenever it was that they first moved in there. ha. and friday nate spent like two hours in there with another guy just tearing the thing apart and putting it together properly. now our monitors actually work! it just sounded so great this morning. The other rad thing is that nate just has such a mad heart for worship and is totally just lead by the spirit in that. This morning he totally cut us off when we still had one more song..and I was actually thinking it would be so great to end right here, and I open my eyes and nates like in my face grabbing the mic saying "lets end it here". it's very cool. I'm stoked about the next four months and the stuff I'm gonna learn, as well as the stuff I"m going to be able to impart to the kids I work with. I love those kids. I never htought I'd say that about jr highers. night.