Thursday, September 26, 2002

have you noticed my extreme ammount of blogging lately. well I sure have. I think it's mostly due to the fact that i dont really have that much to do at work. So i think and think,then need to purge myself of all my thinking.
I had my first religions exam today. It went well. Extremely well. I finished in like a half hour. Not cause I was rushing, but because i KNEW the stuff. that's such a good feeling. I wish i would have had more motivation in high school. this is so not turning into a regrets essay. no regrets. hm. anyway, so yeah that went well. My prof put a question on there that was like meant to mess with your head! sooo frustrating I asked him about it and he kinda laughed and winked at me. He has a sick sense of humor like that. "Lets REALLY screw them up..muuaaahahahah"
Sunday I'm going to a church of scientology with Barbara and my friend Liene from church. I asked liene to come so I wouldnt be the only "real" christian. and she's into doing stuff like that. visiting mosques, etc. I'm pretty stoked. the lady I talked to on the phone said their services are only half an hour. what can you possibly learn in a half hour??? i guess i'll find out. I hope they dont make you dance around naked or anything like that.
I'm obsessed with downloading songs. there are SO many good songs out there. crikey. I can't believe it. If you want to know some good songs to acquire just ask me. However, I will highly recommend Jack Johnson and Ryan Long right now. cause I can. they arent songs, obviously, but yeah you should get some of their songs. aight i'm back to doing nothing.