Wednesday, September 04, 2002

I really feel like writing but I dont really have the brain power to put together complete thoughts at this point. So........the list lives on.

1. Favorite scripture of the moment: Psalm 37. wow.
2. Most over rated tv show of the moment: American Idol. It's good, but really, can Survior start already?
3. Favorite cd of the moment: It's one that I actually do not own. THe new Hills cd. I have a few songs downloaded and I've heard them on Hillsong TV and I'm just praying that $15 comes outta the sky. Actually it might depending on how much I get paid for house sitting!
I actually havent been listening to that much music recently. I think I'm a bit burnt out or something.
4. Most frustrating thing about school: my eng 102 professor that has half a brain. arggg. but there are some cool people in there, so that kinda makes up for it.
5. Cutest thing ever: When I went to work today and Dave was smiling all huge and was like "come watch the grinch with me." it was cute!
6. Hardest struggle of the moment: trying to want to get along with my mom.
7. Scariest thought of the moment: Moving to australia and not having any money to fly home with!
8. Most peaceful thought of the moment: God has got every step planned. check out that previously mentioned psalm. it says so.
9. Song that makes me throw my hands in the air and wave them like I just dont care: "Hollah" by trin-i-tee 5:7 yay for melanie getting into way ghetto music. It's the best song tho. definitely needs bass. "Hollah/does anybody hafta cry/Holla/ do you really wanna testify?"
10. Favorite memory of a year ago: well I think possibly, a year ago today I was up in the Blue Mountains. that was a good time. *4 months*
11. Favorite website: This one where I'm teaching myself Japanese!
12. Favorite pastime of the moment: sleeping
13: Worst dbacks game of the week: losing to the DODGERS 19-1. Although it was somewhat worth it to see Mark Grace pitch. ha.

hm well i think I should wrap this up, I could prolly go on about random stuff for ages, but i'm sure you all have productive things to be doing! Go be Jesus to some one hey. It might be the only glimps they ever get.