Friday, September 20, 2002

ok so yeah continuing from yesterday...It was just really cool talking to her. We are gonna go to a Buddhist temple together for our Religions assignment. She doesnt really have any religious background. Which is cool. It's better than her being mormon or something like that. I know that sounds harsh, but it's true. I'm just stoked to get to talk to her more. I told her that i'd been to a buddhist temple in Japan and she was like so amazed, so I got to tell her why I was there and in aussie and stuff, which was cool. just opening up those doors ya know. And besides all that, it was just cool to have some human interaction at school. I dont really know that many people there..yet. Oh and the guy that I thought had gone on his mission to Japan actually went to Taiwan. So that convo pretty much fell on it's face. but yeah. Go Asia! So yeah if you think about me, pray for Barbara that she'd get to know Jesus! And that I'd be able to be obedient to the Holy Spirit when I'm hanging with her. well...back to my non work.