Wednesday, September 25, 2002

So I was thinking today (shocker I know) but I think I came to the conclusion that the Apostle Paul was the original poser. Don't ask me how I start thinking about these kind of random things, they just pop up in my brain ok. Kinda like pop up videos. *pop* i've swallowed more mucus today than water. see where do these things come from? i dont know. ok back to Paul the Poser. So Paul said alot of things that make me think he was a poser. I dont have actual references cause I suck at scripture memorization, and I'm at work without a Bible, but I'm sure you will all be familiar with these verses. So the first incriminating verse, Paul said like in Romans or some where that he was made free to do all things in Christ, all things arent permissable, blah..then something about "but I will make myself a slave to everyone, so that by any possible means I might win some to the cause of Christ" something to that effect. The important bit is that he would trade in his freedom and become a slave to EVERYONE so that some may be saved. sounds like a poser to me. Ok so the next incriminating one is pretty obvious. I think it might be in Romans too. probably not. but I'm just gonna say that, and if you wanna prove me wrong you can go look it up. crack a Bible people. Ok so Paul says "To the Jew I'll become a Jew, to the Greek a Greek, and to the Gentile a Gentile". So I think I have provided sufficient evidence that Paul was the original poser, proving that being a poser is NOT a bad thing! yay! In conclusion, I would like to provide the MELT (Melanie English Living Translation) version of the above scripture. "For the punk I wear a studded belt, for the Surfer I wear flip flops, for the professional I wear Gap capri's with a black shirt, for the gangsta I blast the bass, for my parents I take out my peircings, so that I can hang out with everyone and be Christ to as many people as possible".