Wednesday, September 11, 2002

so yep, today is september 11, 2002. In case you didnt know. In case you're living in a cave right now. A cave with internet connections. Today would have been a really great day, if it didnt have the whole 9/11 "cloud" hanging over it.
Forgive me if I seem unsympatheic. I'm not. REally. I watched my share of ceremonies this morning. And I even cried a bit. I mean, just to think of all the moms and dads and other assorted family memebers that were lost sucks. To think that it was all done in the name of "God" sucks even more. I just feel so emotionally detatched from it all. I wasnt here. I didnt experience the 4 day air travel stoppage, and I didnt fear for going outside my house. I was in Australia, and honestly I can't think of a country I would rather have been in that day as far as safety is concerned. I mean yeah indo is up north, but really, not a huuuuuuuge threat. It effected me, of course. My country was attacked. But like so many people feel, it didnt change my life. My life kept going. I went to lectures that day. I had work duties, and even though I'm sure DTS would have been way different if the attacks never had happened, I wouldnt really know it. Maybe I'm cold and heartless. Or maybe I'm desenatized be the REDICULOUS media coverage (it's so easy to blame things on the media).

Honestly, what today will really be remembered as for me, is the day I paid my Hillsong College fees. Yep, that's right. All $4,830AUD gone. And fully refundable, for my parents sake. I was shaking. But it was really very uneventful. I called, asked for Sara, she took my card info, and that was that. Less than 5 minutes. It's amazing how long it takes you to earn money and how fast it goes out the window. Trust me, I dont consider this money, out the window, not in the least, but my next bank statement is going to be less than exciting. Hm, still havent told the parents. Mom was hecka emotional today so I figured it may not be the best timing. Tomorrow. indeed.
Today will also be remembered as the day that I spent all 4 hours at work downloading songs and creating possibly the best winamp playlist ever to be created. If not the "best" defintly the most diverse. Ask me if I have them, and I"ll say yes. ready? Go. "jars of clay?". yes. "Jimmy Eat World?" yes. "Nicole C. Mullen?" yes. "Kylie Minogue?" yes. seriously, it's great. all day I"ve been thinking, "I can't wait to go to work". just so I can listen to my great music.
Alot of other great things happened today.
1) I watched Harry Potter with Dave. Great movie. A bit evil, can't really see how it's a kids movie. Felt bad for all the people I called "evil" for watching that movie. (sorry al)
2) Got to talk to one of my old YWAM leaders in australia. I called regarding visa stuff, which she didnt have the info I was looking for, but she did help. And it was cool just to catch up with some of the ongoings of ywam newy.
3) Got to clean up the kitchen with matt, which is always an adventure.
4) It didnt rain! for a better understanding of why this is good see kara's "noah" entry.

so yeah a good day, with a heavy shroud of darkness. But hey, tomorrow's september 12th so it will all be back to normal right? right.