Friday, September 06, 2002

This week has been the week of like polar opposites. High highs and low lows. I think i've grown alot this week, just in very practical ways. Not in any like major spiritual shift, but I mean I guess it's all related in some way. My pride's definitely gotten a few needed bashings this week. I think it could take a few more.
I've really been missing my friends this week. You know the friends that live hundreds/thousands of miles away that I always miss. Yeha those friends. I guss I've just been especially emotional and "dependant" feeling this week, and I dont really have that many people around here that I feel I can go to just for comfort or when I need a hug. =(
On a much lighter and incredbly happy note, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE needs to check out this AMAZING internet radion station. Go here live 365 and do a search for "Anointed Sounds" and click on that station. It's seriously just 24/7 awesome NEW modern/youth worship and stuff. They played stuff from the new Hills cd this arvo. Which is what hooked me, but they also played awesome stuff from vineyard, passion, ten shekle shirt, Jars of clay, thrid day, random really good people, so yeah i'm so serious, and krys can attest to this, but everyone really needs to go chiggity check this station. it rawks.
I'm tired. I want to go to sydney.