Saturday, October 19, 2002

I praise God for...
Saturdays filled with lots of reading, cleaning, homework, catching up with friends, and relaxing.
My health.
Finding a soda at Trader Joe's last night that tastes exactly like Lift. It's from Italy and is aptly named "Limonata Soda". I drank it all today. =)
Providing Medical insurance for our family once again! I'm going to get my eyes checked! YAY! and maybe even new glasses! But definitely new lenses. It's like Christmas!
Allowing pain.
My family that I can laugh with.
Amazing, amazing, amazing heavent sent friendships.
Never being hungry.
Living in this amazing house. Where I had some sort of a revelation today, that some where in the world, there is probably a family that is larger than mine living in a "house" the size of my bathroom, and they are probably praising God for THAT. How did I get born in America, man? this is such a hard question.
My church! I love my church! It's gonna be so hard to leave.
Australia. The great south land of the Holy Spirit. I believe it! Amen!
Communication skills.
Sleep. Sleep. Glorious sleep.
The rally monkey. Although it was somewhat ineffective tonight. You shall not prevail Barry Bonds! Do you hear me! The powers of darkness never prevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiil! muuuaaaaaaahahahahahhaa.