Wednesday, October 09, 2002

I'm soooooooooo behind on my blogging. this is either gonna be a monster or a bunch of mini monsters. sorry.
First, man, how faithful is God. I think i say this about once a week. but it just blows my mind. At the relient K concert the other night (which you will hear more about later) they sang a song off their new cd and the chorus said "It's my trademark move/to turn my back on You". That's so true! And yet He's still there. This week has been all about God carrying my burdens. The first step in that was to realize that I was carrying them, and I had to just verbally and physically LAY THEM DOWN! Ok rewind a bit. The way I realized I was carrying all these worries is that the last couple weeks i've been having some pretty unsettlying dreams about australia. And God doesnt normally speak to me through dreams, but these have so obviously been related to spiritual things it was starting to freak me out. So i'd been talking to people and praying, trying to figure out what they were about...why was God trying to say to me!?! The revelation didnt come in the most glamourous of ways, but I was drying my face off after washing it and it seriously just hit all of the dreams there was chaos and stress in situations I couldnt control, and yet, I was freaking out trying to control everything and make everything happen so that I could get to sydney. And instead of stopping and praying and letting God be in control of the situation I was running around like a banchi, but really just running around in circles not doing anything that might actually help the situation. so yeah that resulted in some time with God just literally putting the worries on His back. They aren't mine. He didnt DIE so I could life a life full of stress and worry. man. So yeah that's been really good, and man I can seriously feel the difference in my life. I know it sounds crazy, but I was carrying all this heaviness around and I just feel the difference.

sooooooooooo Monday was the AMAZING Back to the Few Tour. (get back to the future, back to the few tour). I wasn't gonna go cause Matt couldnt go, and he was gonna pay for me, and I really didn't want to spend my money like that, esp. considering I'm going to see krys in 2 daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays!!!!!!! but yeah I still reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally wanted to go, but I'd kinda just given it up. I dont NEED to go to a concert. And yeah I was just kinda looking at it like that....more latah, gotta go hang with Dave.