Thursday, October 03, 2002

k so i didnt take a nap on the way into phoenix, my dad made me drive so he could take a nap. And there werent actually any guilt trips but that's only cause I didnt really talk to anyone except for Eileen. Eileen is a cool lady. It's a weird relationship with have with her. She's my grandparents across the street neighbor, and has been, i actually dont know prolly like 30 years or something. However long ago it was my grandparents moved tot hat house. ANyway, Eileen is like 84. Her and her husband were loaded and never had any kids, so when my grandparents started having grandchildren they kinda adopted us as well. Well Eileen's husband died at some point. I was still real young. Maybe even 4. I only vaguely remember him. He smoked like a chimney, and was really good at that trick where you "take your thumb off'. So yeah, ever since then Eileen is like part of our family and comes to all the big events, as well as the not so big ones, and she's really just an amazing lady. I could listen to her for hours. Well, except that now it is a bit harder cause she forgets alot of stuff. But yeah, the one incredibly HUGE bummer is that Eileen is not a Christian. Which is really amazing since she's lived across the street from my grandparents for so long. I know it makes them sad too, cause I know they have taken her to church many times, and just so many times have been Christ to her, and like when she had breast cancer a few years back, and then last year she broke her neck, I KNOW my grandpa talked to her about salvation and stuff. I dunno what it is, there just must be some massive blinders on. it's so hard for me to get why she won't trust Jesus. She's the nicest most generous lady, and on one hand, she has lived across the street from my grandparents forever! that's charity right there man. ha. meant in the nicest way possible. so um, where the heck was I going with this? Oh, Eileen was at the party last night and I talked to her the whole time. She's excited that I'm going back to australia. She encouraged me to do it now, because she always wanted to go and do stuff when she was young, but never did cause she didnt think she'd have enough money, and now she has money but her body cant go. so yeah I'm going for it baby. Meet me on the streets of sydney. I'm puttin up my box in darling harbour. next to the swirly fountain.
on a heavier note,
i think I"m getting arthritis in my left hand. which sucks cause that's my guitar hand. it's just been really painful lately. Like shooting pain all the way up to my elbow. I thought it might go away, but it's not. And this is where I insert a big fat grrrrrrrrrrr to not having health insurance.
On a much lighter note,
it is so beautiful right now. This is my favorite time of year bar none. Arizonans are so funny. I think it's because 9 months out of the year we are hot and in as little clothing as possible, so as soon as the temperature drops we are soooooooooooooo ready to put clothes on. I saw so many people with hoodies on today. and it was only like 75. I myself went with the good jeans and a black long sleeve shirt, with flip flops of course. But I am now able to wear my favorite pj's of the year. my purple plaid pants with my long sleeve "Ski Blast 2000" shirt. I looooooooooove these pj's. hm ok enough nonsense. I think i'm going to go to bed. what? it's only 8:45. hm. maybe I'll go "read" in my bed.