Wednesday, October 30, 2002 don't know how long I'm gonna last, cause for some reason I'm hecka tired, but I'm gonna type fast and try to get this all out.
Here is the basic outline for my day: b-day, v-day, and p-day.
The b-day was briefly explained in an earlier update this evening. Yep, krys has crossed that threshold into the awkward age of 19. onya mate.
V-day = VISA DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yep, thats right. My heart was racing, my palms were sweaty, my head was pounding as I handed the post man my big fat visa package. Man can you imagine what it's gonna be like when I get that sucker back? ha. yeah and I just have so much peace about it. Like it's totally out of my control and I am not worrying about it at all. I cant. There's nothing I can do! I'm definitely glad to have it done though. Such a pain in the butt. I"m glad to have it done and out of my control. Now starts the waiting....
P-Day = Prayer Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God just totally poured out his love and peace and refreshment on me today. I didn't have to baby sit which was a bummer in that I didn't get paid, but an amazing blessing in that I was able to come home, to an empty house. While I was eatting I watched the 700 club. I've found that (besides their ultra right wing views) they have pretty good international coverage, and definitely things you won't see inthe main stream media. They did this peice on a movement in the UK of modern day monastaries called "Boiling Rooms" I guess there's about 2 or 3 of them so far. But yeah they are honestly like monestaries in the sense that people live there, very young, hip 20 somethings and definitely no brown robes, but they point is to have a place in a city where prayer is being offered 24/7/365. It was very very cool, and yeah I dunno i'm not a huge "prayerer". I know that sounds horrible, but yeah it's just really hard for me to be disciplined in my prayer life, but something aobut this just totally struck a chord with me and i just like ran to my room and started praying, and yeah I dunno how long i was there but it was over an hour or something cause the cd "background noise" i put on finished before I did. And yeah I dunno what it was but man, I just kept going, and God just kept giving me things to pray for, and really detailed things. and I'd ask for specific things to pray for people and He'd just give them to me and I prayed for Sydney and revival, and man I'm telling you that vision will not die. I can't get rid of it. I know people might laugh, and man I laugh sometimes cause it seems impossible, but I just have this vision for a place in the Sydney CBD that is a safe and cool place for youth and moderns to hang out. And it's almost like a chamillion in the sense that I see coffee houses, and concerts, and raves, and church services, and concerts of worship, and soup kitchens, and just a place to hang out, where the people don't just give you your coffee and move on to the next customer, but where the "employees" sit down with you and talk with you. where they care about you and really want to know what's going on in your life. I mean can you imagine that???? Cause I can. I can see it, and hear it and feel it, and smell it, and taste it. It's so real to me, I almost wonder if I've been there already. man. I just get so pumped even talking about it this little bit. I know this is why I'm going back.
Yeah, but man you'd think all that praying would be exhausting, but I just totally felt refreshed and renewed by God. It was cool. I was just like so stoked to go clean up the house so mom wouldn't have to, and excited to fix dinner. Unfortunately, there must be something else that God needs to work out of me, cause as soon as the parents come home I just want to be alone. I close my door and pretend I'm in my own little world, and I think that definitely needs to change in 2 months time. On the other hand, I can't wait to be out of hear and be in a situation where I don't feel guilty for secluding myself. I need my "me" time.
Speaking of which I think it's nearly time for me sleep time.
peace and love