Wednesday, October 16, 2002

thanks to every for helping the sucess of the Vocabulary Revolution. There will be more universal slang to come in the future. I promise. and yeah I meant to, but forgot to, acknowledge the one and only K.Lo (aka krys) for the #1 phrase "Not so much". The inspiration for the Vocabulary Revolution comes from her. Thanks krys, you truely are a revolutionary.
Now on to other news...
I'd like to have a bit of a rant about the worst cd I've ever heard in my life. My opinions are usually strong, and I'm afraid it's no different on this subject. So if you are sensative, or easily offended or really like the group All Together Separate(ATS), you might want to stop reading now. If you're still have been warned.
So the youth group at my church has this "cd library" thing (that IIIIIIIIIII started *brag brag*). It's heaps cool though cause we have one of those interlink subscriptions and get like I dunno 100 new cds every year, and then we put them in this library for kiddies to check out and listen to cool christian music. So I know I"m not in the youth group any more, but I still check cd's out. I"m sorry, i love new music. So last night the latest ATS cd was there. So I thought what they hey, I'm not a huge fan of their old stuff, but I heard the new cd was really good and different. WRONG! wrong wrong wrong very wrong. I must claify though, the actual music part is pretty decent. like they are good musicians. The cd would actually be BETTER with out the lyrics. I havent yet looked to see who the lyricist is..but man they are HORRIBLE. Every song on this cd is filled with shallow, trite, waaaaaaaay over used Christian cliches. It's almost painful to listen to. I can't remember where I heard this cd was good from, but I think I remember reading a decent review about it somewhere..puh-lease. I bet that same critic called "The Way I Am" a "pop" album. Ok, so if you're still reading this and you are starting to get pissed at my strong opinions you are probably thinking, "Well if it's so bad, then let's hear you write something better". Well I'd definitely lose in the musicianship area, cause like I said it'd be a great , funky instrumental cd. And I don't claim to be able to write better lyrics whatsoever. Trust me, I"ve written my fair share of songs filled with shallow, trite, waaaaaaaay over used Christian cliches..the difference is I DONT HAVE A BIG RECORD CONTRACT! and I'm still growing and learning in that area. hello! who's holding christian artists accountable for originality and creativity. I dunno man. Point is, these lyrics never should have made it onto a major christian album today. forgive me for sounding "holier than thou" but a so called "dead" christian could have written these songs, if you know what I mean. Maybe like 20 years ago they woulda been like flippin revolutionary. but yeah. horrible horrilbe stuff.
If you want good funky music and dont give a llama's tounge about lyrics than go ahead and pick up this cd. but if good lyrics AND good music is your thing, I would definitely suggest the new Sara Groves cd. flipping amazing mate. either that or (sorry) the new live Hillsong worship cd. Good lyrics, good music, for a very very Good God.
I'm sure I've stepped on enough toes for one night.
Peace I'm out.