Tuesday, November 05, 2002

hey to my readers up in here.
I have a bit of a request. Actually to me it's a huge request, but in light of recent current events and the general state of the world, it's just a bit of a request.
As a bunch of you know I sent my visa app in last week. Very exciting indeed. Well I went to the australian embassy web site today to try and find out about how long it will take (they don't know. probably can't be bothered) and found out that as of November 1 all of the visa app forms changed. *sigh* not a huge deal cause I sent my app in on the 30th so I'm hoping *hoping* that I'll be exempt on some technicality...even though i pre-dated all my documents "1/11/02" (that's november 1 in australian). So yeah, please pray with me that this won't be a glitch at all. Please pray that the person who reviews my app will be a CHRISTIAN and that if there are any doubts re: my app that God will allow them to have favor with me. Also I read a couple things on the web site that stir up those worry demons that I try so hard to supress. I guess they recommend that you put a cover letter on your app saying why your going, what school you're going to, and your date of departure cause they process apps by date of departure. *sigh* yeah I didn't do that, but I didn't last time either, so it cant be a huge thing. I'm gonna try to call the cosulate tomorrow and possibly even try to talk to someone, so please pray for that as well. Yeah I know that's alot of praying, but unfortuneately I feel like this is the only place where I can really ask people for that much coveted prayer cover.
love you all so very much. i'm blessed to even know so many amazing people