Tuesday, November 12, 2002

I found some time. it's called "working"
actually I should probably be finishing up my guitar paper outline, but i'll get to that nwm.
so here's one of the things that's been floating.
I've been reading through isaiah. some what haphazzardly and I'm sure I'm missing alot of stuff, that book is just chock a block full man. but I've been learning heaps of stuff, and have had more lightbulbs go off in the past week than in a long time. This is just one of those lightbulbs. Soooo I think it's in Isaiah 5 ish. dang I really want to get this right..hang on...ok yeah Isaiah 5:15-16. You're gonna have to read it for yourself verbatim, but basically it talks about God being exulted and called holy because of his justice being shown. The verses preceeding this and actually a few after are (like much of isaiah) talking about the sin and flat out wicked spirit of the people of Judah and Jerusalem. SO all this crap is happening, innocent people are getting killed, God's chosen people have told him to bugger off, and here comes God's justice.
As I was contemplating and meditating this, I wondered if it might be part of the answer to the impossible to answer question of "why does God allow evil to exist if He is a good God?". Because when bad things are happening, and God gets fed up, he lets His justice and righteousness loose, and somehow He is glorified and exaulted by that. And isn't that the point of our lives? to bring glory to Him? Not to say "look what I did", but "look what God did".
I think alot of Christians have lots sight of this. We too often think that being a christian automatically means living the good life, and when trials and persecution come, we instantly say "How can this God be a good God". Well I'm sure it's easier said than done, but if some trial in my life or if the evil that is so prevalent in the world right now is going to one day demand God's justice which will glorify him even MORE...then...I dunno. go for it I guess. use whatever it takes from my life for your glory God.
Much easier said than done.