Thursday, November 07, 2002

I have to blow off a bit of steam.
I think my religions class just took the turn that I've been fearing all semester.
Man how true is it, that when it comes to studying, analyzing, and breaking down Christianity the rules change.
We just watched a video called "Searching for Jesus" that was the biggest load of shit ever! Excuse the french. But seriously no other word does it justice. It makes me so mad. and so frustrated. Everyone is a skeptic when it comes to the life of Christ. but hey lets accept Buddha, let's believe questions asked. I'm so ready to take this on man. Not in myself. Not in like I want to prove myself right, but don't you ever just want to fight for justice. I think i'm gonna read Case for Christ this weekend just to sharpen up those thoughts again. I'll have plenty of time at my yard sale.
One thing these "historical scholars" and such never take into consideration when debating Jesus historically is that you can't rationalize faith. You can't pin it down, it's not something our minds can grasp. It's faith. Whatever..I have another class. Just needed to vent before I totally lost it. I'm sure that would have helped the cause.