Wednesday, November 13, 2002

ok i know that I often put reccomendations on here about things you "have" to check out. or songs you "have" to listen to. so when I say this next you "have" to.. i don't think it's going to carry the weight that I'd like to. But I can't think of any words strong enough to convey how much you NEED to visit this website it's called and it's simply amazing. It's a christian online magazine, but I can guarantee you that it's like no other christian ministry you've encountered. These people are real and just amazingly passionate. My friend rose got me hooked up with it, and i've seriously been reading articles nonstop the past couple days at work. I know everyone's busy and stuff, but I promise you guys, if you read some of the stuff on this site and like take it to heart and think on it and meditate on it, you will see changes in your life. Or at least you will want to see changes in your life. and that's the first step isn't it? So that's my schpeal. if you've never taken any of my reccomendations before, please take this one, for yourself, and cause i love you heaps.