Wednesday, November 27, 2002

so i still find it absolutely amazing that an entire life situation can be changed within 5 minutes. How GOD can change something that fast. How when it's His's like there's no holding just happens and you are overwhelmed. That happened yesterday. Just so many God things fell into place to the point where I went down to the bank and pulled out money for my plane ticket and sent it off this morning. That's right baby. I actually TALKED to the guy from the consulate (miracle) my mom gave me money (miracle) and I didn't crash my car driving like a maniac (definite miracle).
God is just SO good. So yeah I ended up paying more than I expected, but I also got a way better route than I expected. And it's on Air Canada, so I go from LAX to Vancouver to Honaloulou to Sydney. And I only have one 2 hour stop over in Vancouver and no over night stays in foreign countries.
So yeah praise God. His timing is perfect. I don't know if I'll ever learn that just cause it's not MY timing doesn't mean it's wrong. I dunno it's cool

Subject change. You need to go toRevolution Book and download this amazing book. It's only 50 pages in pdf. not bad. but seriously it's Revolutionary. If you've ever listened to Christian music, or bought a Christian cd, or went to a Christian concert, you need to read this book. I'm not lying. It's quick. It took me like an hour. Go do it now. what are you waiting for?