Saturday, November 16, 2002

Someone needs to put me in charge of the Australian Consulate in Los Angeles. No joke. That is the most inefficiantly run organization I have had to deal with in I don't know how long. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO frustrating. Do they not know the power they hold in their hands? You think they'd take it a bit more seriously. I basically spent my afternoon on the phone yesterday trying to get through to a human at least! Really is it so hard to talk to a human? Especially when your automated system gives me NO information and NO help. @)#($*)!@(#*! I finally got through to a guy who had some good information but would not answer my question! I asked him like 3 times. And he gave me the same answer each time, which was NOT the answer to my question. I did find out though, that student visas usually take 15 business days to process if everything is in order. which means sometime next week. so i went on my merry way to run some errands and on my way home I picked up the mail "just in case" like I have been every day since I sent that bloody applicaiton in. I nearly fell to the ground when there was a big manila envelope addressed to me from the Australian consulate-general. I opened it at the mail box cause I could not WAIT. except that my hands were shaking so it was taking me an extraordinarily long time to open. before you get your hopes up let me dash them against the rocks of disappointment. It was just a bunch of medical forms that I have to have a doctor fill out. arg. I was really hoping I wouldnt have to get that done since I obviously had to have one last year for my OTHER visa and they say that if you've had one within 12 mos. you don't need another one. oh well. hopefully I'll get it all done monday and be able to send it off asap. THere's one other thing that concerns me though. In the cover letter my "visa agent" said I also need to send proof of sufficient funds. ummmmmm. i was pretty sure I sent that in with the first application. so i don't know if they are telling me my funds aren't "sufficient" enough (which they aren't) or what. So i tried calling the guy. Again, can I tell you how freaking frustrating it is called that damn consulate. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO frustrating. took me another half an hour to get through to this guys voice mail cause he had "left for the day" at 3 pm. right. so i left him a message and the lady that I spoke to..whom i think was alive...told me he would get back to me first thing monday morning. which probably means a fun game of telephone tag, unless he takes my advice and calls me at work. arg.
the thing is, as frustrating and inconvenient as it has been, I"m not super stressed. and I'm not really worried. ok maybe a bit worried about the money thing cause if they need me to show that I have more money than I do, I'm not sure where that's going to come from. but yeah whatever. at least I know they can process those suckers fast enough.
there was much more exciting frustration as well,but i really don't have the energy or the time to write about it right now. suffice it to say that if i don't get a visa and can't go to aussie right now =(, i'm sure as heck moving out of this house.