Thursday, November 14, 2002

who am I?
who am I through my eyes?
I am Melanie M.J. daughter of Bob and Debbie, older sister of Matt. I am a Christian and a modern day disciple. I am a worship leader and mediocre musician. I am a failed athlete and an unmotivated "smart kid". I am a bored secretary and a slightly unimpressive babysitter. I am funny. I am nice. I am outgoing when I want to be, but I'm truely an introvert and crave alone time. I am in love with Australian's and their amazing country. I am a crazy driver...i have places to be. I am responsible. I am mature for my age. I am caring when it's convenient. I'm speak the truth, but not always in love. I was (am) a tom boy. I am short. I'm a bit over weight. I am selfish and don't often look outside of myself. I am a sinner who has done things that even I don't believe sometimes. I am forgiven. I am deceitful. I am a listener and a talker depending on the atmosphere. I am good at singing. I am good at cooking. I am bad at making descions. I am good at school. I am bad at studying. I am addicted to television. I am a good friend, I know that only because I have lots of good friends, and no one wants to be the friend of a bad friend. I am extremely prideful. I am reliable. I am strong. I am quick to learn...and quick to forget. I am single. I am a worrier.
Who am I?
Who am i through God's eyes?
I am my Beloved's. I am a princess..the daughter of the King of kings. I am loved beyond expression. I am compassionate. I am loving. I am holy and sanctified. I am wildly and passionately creative. I am selfless. I am weak. I am a child. I am provided for. I am a hugger. I am sensative. I am a bride. I am beautiful. I have hair uniquely created for me. I am gifted to lead. I am bold. I am a listener and a talker depending on the situation. I am capable of loving the unloved. I am made to look like my Dad. I am my Beloved's and His desire is for ME!

I want to know me more. The real me. The me God created. Not the me that the world has created, or the me I have created. I want to be free to be me.