Friday, December 27, 2002

so that was Christmas. It was so good to be home this year. Who knows when I'll be back for Christmas with the fam.
God's been teaching me alot through this season. A lot about His faithfulness. How quickly I forget! My parents, in their love for me, have got me all worried about finances and how I'm going to survive in Sydney. Their comments have planted seeds in my mind that the enemy has had a hay day with, allowing them to fester and grow into hopeless situations that no one will be able to rescue me from. I'll have to leave college, rack up huge ammounts of debt buying a plane ticket home, and then face the "I told you so's" of my family. Lies! All lies!! Why do I listen to them? And allow them space in my mind. Space that should be focused back on Jesus. Back on the rediculousness of this season as Krys put it. And most of all back on His faithfulness. Through divine inspiration, I've started reading through Matthew. As mundane as the first chapter of that book seems to us who were raised in the church, it serves as SUCH a testimony of God's faithfulness. And maybe it's the girl in me, but I love the part where little unborn John the Baptist leaps for joy in Elizabeth's womb when Mary shows up pregnant. Ok back to my point. Jesus goes into the desert and Satan starts tempting him and speaking incredibly bold lies to the Son of God. And Jesus, being God and all, just shuts him straight down! With OT scripture nontheless. I want to remember that when Satan starts whispering to me again. And I know he will. I know I'm not like the Bible memory wiz or anything, but I have hidden some of God's treasures in my heart and I know that I can use them to stop the lies from penetrating my mind and my soul. I'm anxious to leave. I'm excited to be on this journey by my self with my God leading the way. I know this is His path. It's obvious! And I know my God is good. He know's my needs. I mean outside of his omniscience, I let Him know, just incase he's busy with the whole threat of nuclear war thing. I know He's not busy. I know He's right here with me. Beside me. And I know He's never left my side. Or your side. It's cool how that works hey. Speaking of work, I should do some of that. ha.
ooooooooo but wait I almost forgot.
I got an electric guitar. It's niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. So nice I dont really know what to do with it. But I'm definitely having fun. It's a burgandy red Ibanez that my dad bought used from Guitar Center. Whoever had it before knew what was up with electric guitars cause it's been pretty nicely modified. It's got upgraded pickups and a mute toggle, and a whammy, and locking neck tuning thingys. I should have written that paper on electrics. I really know nothing. But I DO know how to rock n roll! woo hoo!
ok peace I'm out. love to you all. God's love.