Thursday, January 09, 2003

Man I can not wait for wednesday. can not WAIT. I just want to go. I don't even want to start packing yet cause if I start packing then it's going to make me think I'm leaving soon. I guess I am leaving soon, but it just seems like this is all dragging out a bit. I guess just at home really. My poor mom. =( Pray for her.
Ali's home. yay! We had a nice long chat yesterday. I can not WAIT. God's up to some cool stuff in aus. I feel blessed to be a part of it. whether I'm there or here, I know I'm part of God's work down there.
So hey Tara leaves tomorrow. That's pretty cool. I'm jealous. And she gets to go to Newy before me. She's pretty much gonna go right past the base. That's so weird. I'm stoked to go up there again. It's gonna be so different. I'm stoked to get into my dorm. Man I'm stoked! I love my family and man, I really love my room, and my house, but I have a feeling that's it's not even gonna be "my" house for my longer, but I'm so looking forward to being out of the house again. It's just so different. Cause even though my parents are not strict at all, it's still different. You get to be selfish. ha. In some ways. Not so much in others.
I shipped a nearly 8 pound box of shoes yesterday. Now I only have like 3 pairs of shoes to pack. Two of which are flip flops. Score. On the other hand it's been raining here the past couple days and I sent all my "rain" shoes. SO i've been slopping around in flip flops. I think I'll survive. It was funny filling out the customs form for it. "Shoes and socks" oooooooooook. I'm sure people have shipped weirder things. Like tim tams. =)
Man I think Eddie Izzard is like the funniest guy in the world. He's so smart and just makes jokes out of the most random things. I've been watching some of his videos lately so I've got all his sketches running through my head. He kinda swears alot though, so that's bad.
Oh hey, I think I forgot to write about my car accident experience the other day. I was not personally in a car accident, but I witnessed a pretty vicious one. So this guy in this white working van had been following me for a while and we both turned right on to the same street and then this green car came out of no where seriously driving like a maniac. Swerving in and out of traffic he almost rearended me a couple times cause he would totally speed up and then not get anywhere and slam on his brakes. I'm sure he was inches from me at one point. So about 3 miles later (this was happening the whole 3 miles, and I was totally praying the whole time), the white van guy got into the left hand turn lane to turn into this shopping center,and the green car sped up in the lane next to him, then swerved right in front of him in the left turn lane and slammed on his brakes. he wasn't even TRYING to turn left! He just wanted to make it look like this guy had rear ended him! I was so appaled! My conscience would not let me drive on so I turned around into the shopping center parking lot and the white van was pulling in to call the cops. I waved him down and asked him if he wanted a witness, cause he knew I had been following him during the whole thing. So I stayed around and filled out a witness report. And as i'm standing there I'm thinking, "I hope this doesn't turn really nasty and I get subpoenaed to testify". So yeah I didn't tell the cop I was leaving the country and he didn't ask.
Well i guess I should wrap this up. I'm at working, waiting for Tommie (the lady I'm training) to call, or show up, or something. There's stuff I could do, but I really need to show her how to do it.
Anyway, peace out my hommies.