Friday, January 03, 2003

Man, I really don't feel like writing a big ol entry, but i have nothing else to do, so let see how this goes.
This has been a week full of God's blessing. I reckon every week is probably full of His blessing, but maybe our eyes aren't open to it. Anyway, God worked in some very obvious and extravagent ways this week. I'm really in love with that word.
Last weekend my family spent the weekend in the snow. It was grand. it was a very chill and relaxed weekend of reading, hiking, eatting, sleeping, playing games with eachother. Very nice. I read another John Eldredge book (the Sacred Romance guy) called Wild at Heart. It's actually a book written for men, but there were so many good insights in there. It left me feeling renewed and refreshed in my heart. Something God has been speaking to me alot heart that is. And continued afirming and confirming the path God is leading me down. I can't wait to be in Sydney! 12 days till I leave. 13 till I'm there. man oh man. So that was the start to my great week. Sunday night I went to the Gathering with liene and guess what the whole focus was on? Renewing and refreshing the desires God has placed in our heart for the new year. Coincidence? I think not. He used alot of material from the Sacred Romance and the Journey of Desire (which I am now working my way through). It was overwhelming. I really can't explain the peace and refreshment I felt in my spirit. I've also been reminded alot recently of the battle around us. We were born into a world at war. Not a war against the flesh. Not a war with kings, rulers, or extremist groups. It's a much more powerful and significant war than that believe it or not. I dunno i've just kinda had a revelation of all this. I know that verse...wherever it is...where paul talks about the war in the spiritual realm, but it just seems like my eyes have been opened to the reality of it. There are casulaties. The are POW camps. We have weapons and protection. And similar to the "War on Terror" our enemy can't easily be seen, tracked, or captured.
wow that's a bit of a tangent...but a good one nonetheless.
So the week of blessing continued on Monday when John informed me that they'd like to give me a "small" going away present as an appreciation thing, to help me on my way. But he said it was eaiser to give me a gift certificate than a check cause they'd have to take taxes out of a check. SO, later that day I recieved a gift certificate for $200 to one of the malls down here. Good at any store in the mall. Can we say GAP? oh yeah baby. But there's another side to this story that makes it even MORE of a God thing. My mom and I talked monday morning and made a date to go shopping at the mall that night. Cause see Hills has got this "smart casual" dress code that I don't (didn't) have a lot of clothes for. Mom said she would help me out "a bit" and I only really had $40 I could afford to spend. So then that day I get the gift cert. from John and let me tell you baby, God provides! We hit mad sales, and clearance, and everything fit! and it was seriously amazing. All up I got about $350 worth of clothes for $200. Amazing! How does God do it?? I don't know, and I don't care, I'm just stinking glad that He's my Dad.
The rest of the week has been a reflection of the same thing. God's been doing great things in my life and in the life of dear friends and I just feel so blessed to be a part of it all right now. This is definitely a mountain top. Funny how those mountain tops come after seemingly sluggish valleys and plateaus.
I had my first two official goodbyes last night. They were fairly easy, which was surprising but good. The lack of emotions were no gague to the importance of the friendships mind you. I just don't physically see these people a whole lot, so it wasn't like "I can't believe I'm never going to see you again." We keep in touch, and that's what's important. I think church and work people...which are church people...are going to be harder good byes, since I basically see them 7 days a week. Ah yes let the fun begin. Good thing I'm gonna be pmsing right around the 15th. There's nothing like emotions blown out of proportion to make you feel like an idiot.
Well I think this is bloody long enough. Good thing I STILL have no work to do.
God be with you all.