Friday, January 24, 2003

whew. What a crazy whirlwind week (and a bit) it's been. I don't even know where to begin. I think most of you know the basics so I won't bother with those. This week has just been an awesome blessing. I feel like I've been on some luxurious vacation. Beautiful beaches, and nature in general, beautiful birds and kangaroos! Not to mention my beautiful girls I've been chilling with. God definitely purposed this time for me for a reason. I can feel that life is about to explode into a frenzy of business. I could be wrong. God could have everything just calmly fall into place, but I'm not sensing that. I definitely have peace. Praise God for his peace that is so beautiful and covers all stress. I'm ok with life being crazy. It keeps things interesting. As long as it is God controlling the craziness and not me. But yeah it just feels like this week has been a great time of rest and fun and enjoying God and friendship before it all starts up.
I love this country so much. The more I learn the more I love it. And the people, I just am so in love with the people here. I don't think it's a real obvious thing like I go crazy over their "accents" but just like I have a passion for them to know God and I just want to talk to them and find out what they think and where they're at and I dunno. It's hard to put these types of things into words. But God has definitely been speaking to me about life here and living here and ministering here and..yeah stuff. I keep having this random thought that I'd really love to raise my kids here. I know! It's so random. Especially knowing how rough it could be growing up here, like spiritually and stuff. Which I reckon the parents have a lot of influence in. Guiding their children..blah tangent. Yeah I dunno, a few times this week though it's popped into my head how much I'd love to build a family here.
Man there is this really annoying fly buzzing around my head.
Yes, so I move into my "dorm" tomorrow. It's not really a dorm cause we have our own rooms but yeah I move in tomorrow. I'm stoked. I'm stoked to get going with college. I just want to start soaking stuff up and discover what it is God is doing with me here. I met a really nice girl at enrollment that's living in the dorms as well (apparently not many people are) and I'd like to get to know her more and the other people and stuff. I'm also looking forward to having my own space again. Like I've loved this week and man, I know I could never repay the K's for their least not for a long time, ha, but I'm definitely an introvert and having all this constant social interaction can get a bit draining and annoying quite frankly. ha. But yes, it's been great and I think it's been the perfect ammount of time, cause I"m not frustrated with being here, but I'm ready to go, and excited for what's comming up. blah blah blah.
Yes, um I have a couple prayer requests as well. I know people have been praying. Seriously like there is so much that needs to happen, but I can just rest in God's peace so easily. I'm anxious for it all to work out, but I wouldn't call it worried or stressed. Just....anticipatory. is that a word? anyway..requests.
There's a ton of paper work that needs to get processed before I can get a job. Pray that it will go through smoothly and swiftly so I can start making some money! So I can eat and all that good stuff.
Pray that I will be able to find the "perfect" job that will fit into my school schedule and everything. I have a busy schedule, but lots of free evenings. I know God has's just a matter of finding it. Pray that it won't be too hidden, and that all the right doors will open.
Pray against satan cause I know he's gonna try to take me out soon. I feel like I've been so close to God and been able to stand so firm in faith for so long, it feels like some attack is inevitable.

Love you all, and thanks heaps. Know that I am praying for you. I am. I'm not just saying that. I pray for you every day. Even if it's 5 seconds, it goes to God. Let me know what specifically I can bring before Him.
Hugs and love.