Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Another update? So soon? I really need to process. And I have only 45 minutes until my next class and that’s not really enough time to do any profitable work. The printers are broken so I can’t print anyway, I could read, but I really feel like I just need to blaaaaaaaaah. That was me spilling my insides out. You know how like when you really need to get things out like you can’t keep them inside anymore, but you are just too tired to find the words to get every thing out? That’s how I feel. I’ve been doing really good today, but I just crashed and instead of letting my mind think and go nuts and think myself into a crap attitude I’m just gonna update. I’m sorry that my thoughts and sentences are crap, but I never thought journaling needed to be something that was neat and organized.
You know how like there are things in your past that you know are there, but they are issues that you’ve totally received healing and victory in, but once in a while when satan really wants to screw you over he’ll bring them up again and make you wonder what’s wrong with you, or if you’re going back to those old patterns of thinking? Yeah, a couple of those ghosts have popped up this week. Not in huge ways, and thankfully I’m at a place with Jesus that I can recognize them for what they are, LIES, and just rebuke them and take my mind captive. But ARG! So frustrating. Like I really can’t wait to be in heaven, and get rid of my humanness. I’m not gonna say that I hate being human, cause I know we are made in the image of God and we are a beautiful and pleasing creation to Him, BUT being human after the fall sucks.
On the complete OPPOSITE side of the scale, God is SO freaking good. As ali mentioned I have been blessed with TWO jobs, money from my parents, AND a mobile phone!!!! I’ll break it down.
I trialed at the café across the street last Friday and got that. And I’ll be working there again this weekend. Then Friday night I got a call from Boston Market and got hired there and I’ll be starting that in April. My dad called my that same Friday night at like 9:30 which was crazy cause that’s like 3:30am back in AZ but he couldn’t sleep, so he called me cause he knew I’d be up so we had a good chat, then he told me that he put $150 in my bank account! Stoked! I don’t have to be late on my rent. Seriously I’m just like so full of faith, and just so in this place of believing God that I’ve never been in before and (ok this is gonna sound like “duh mel”) God is doing stuff! Like I’ve just really had a revelation of faith, and believing God and I’ve just been believing for all this stuff, and it’s all happening! Thank you Jesus! So yeah then I started believing for a mobile phone so my bosses can actually get a hold of me, and the other day I was talking to my friend Jill and she said she was going out to buy a mobile and I told her I was praying for one, and she said well why don’t we split it! Cause we both have the same two jobs and schedules and stuff like that! So yeah we went out and just got a cheapy phone with like a pre-paid plan and stuff so we found this one that was $98 and we’re like that’s cool $50 per person, then we took it up to the counter and the guy was like, oh actually we just lowered the price to $72! what the heck! Praise God. Seriously. Faith pleases God. Actually you CAN’T please God without faith. It’s impossible to please God if you don’t have faith, if you doubt, whatever…I dunno it spins me out. So yeah, get with God! Get full of faith! Instead of having the “I’ll believe it when I see it” mentality, start believing in faith for God to break through, pray with expectancy, and I promise if your motives are right and your heart is pure you will start seeing God do mad stuff. I’m living it!
Oh yeah, um for those of you who would like the mobile number email me or something and I’ll get it to you. Actually, ha, sad story, this girl was trying to get our phone to work before she read the instructions, so it’s kinda messed up and we’re taking it back tomorrow, but yeah when it starts working I’ll get you the number for sure. And the cool thing about mobiles in oz is that it only costs you when you call people, so people can call me and it doesn’t cost me anything! (hint hint)
Yeah, there is just so much to praise God for hey.
I also want to apologize to those of you who haven’t gotten an email in a while. I’m so sorry. But yeah life is super busy here and I’ll try to email when I can, but yeah it’s a bit easier for me just to throw an update on and have everyone be able to read it. But yeah don’t think that I’ve forgotten about you, cause I haven’t and I’m praying for you all every day. And that’s not a lie. God has really stirred up prayer in me, just a passion to be more committed to praying, cause it’s so powerful hey, and I’m just believing for breakthrough in every one of your lives. So keep me updated, and I’ll try my best to do the same.
What else can I say?
Living arrangements? yeah they are interesting. It’s going ok, but man I’m finding out how anal I am about some stuff. Like people, freaking WASH YOUR DISHES! your mom does NOT live here, I am NOT her, and geez you’re out of the house, grow up and be a responsible adult. ha. that felt good. But really, all the girls are great, we’ve been able to talk out issues and pray together, and we haven’t had any cat fights (yet) but yeah we are all just really wanting to keep a positive spirit and peace in the house, so I think it will be good…IF they do their dishes. =)
Alright I’ve only got a few minutes so I’m gonna post this and head on down, but yeah I love you all, and like I said, I AM praying for you. Please keep me updated for HOW I can pray for you more specifically. I love getting emails even though I’m crap at returning them, and yeah when I get my number I’ll send it to you, just let me know if you want it.
Peace and love and God’s grace to you all. He is THEEEEEE faithful one.

Ahhh! I didn’t even mention the album. shoot. well we are recording the new Hillsong album next weekend, and it’s gonna be off the hook and I’ll have to write about it more later, but if you think about it, pray for it, cause seriously these songs are the best ever, they are going to rock this nation, and the world, and bring millions to their knees before the Savior.
ok byeeeeeeee!