Wednesday, February 19, 2003

So…this is an update. A long long long overdue update. And I must say if it wasn’t for Doreen (did I spell that right???) I probably still wouldn’t be updating. Ha. Actually not true, cause I’ve been thinking about my sisters in Houston, and Shreveport, and Mesa and all you other beautiful girls all around the world and thinking how I pretty much never email and I really need to write at least something so that you know I’m alive! Ok so Doreen is the beautiful girl from Holland that signed my guestbook saying she was coming to hills too. Because everything was so busy towards January and everything back home I’d kinda actually forgotten about it! And she found me the other day in the toilette and said “I’ve been to your website” woah shocker hey! So then my memory was totally jogged, and I was totally spun out that there is someone here that “knows” that side of me. Well at least kinda. Cause you know how it is when you go someplace and you don’t know anyone so like all your relationships you are building are surface and you’re just dying for someone to like cut through all that and at least know a bit about who you are inside! Ha. Yeah, so even though we haven’t really gotten the chance to talk heaps like I even take comfort in the fact that there is someone here who like even has access to my thoughts. A bit. Yeah, this is becoming incredibly abstract and random. It’s been so long since I’ve updated that I’ve forgotten how to! So thanks to Doreen (and God, ha) for finding me and I can’t wait to hang with you a bit more and get to know you and stuff. The eloquence is just killing me right now. I think the fact that I really should be working on assignments and I’m not doesn’t help my thinking either. OK so for all those who are wishing I would shut up and tell you how the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit is I will do so now. It’s GREAT! As if you would expect anything less. I’m home again! Praise the Lord. Like seriously, I’ll just be walking home or to school or something and I’ll “smell” Australia, and just be like, God! I’m here! You brought me here! Again! In this life time! And I’m not leaving. Ha! It’s so good hey. So yeah college is off and running. More like sprinting. Nah, it’s not that bad, but I am loving it for sure. The first couple weeks it was still a bit new and distracting. Like “oh my gosh I’m singing in the worship choir, at hills, and I’m on stage with Darlene.” (yes, I admit it..) But I’ve seriously just been praying so hard that God would take them off that pedestal, that I wouldn’t idolize the “big wigs” like that. And He fully has, hey. The other day I was walking to school and Bobbie Houston picked me up in her black Audi and asked if I was going to college, I was like yeah and jumped in and it was cool hey. But yeah I just love this church, and man I’m telling you God is doing something huge, but there is something else, like revival is gonna burst out of these doors hey. Oh! I can’t wait. It’s gonna be mad. Everyone who’s not in Australia should come cause you aren’t going to want to miss this. Yeah. I’m still praying and looking for a job. I’m supposed to have a trial at this café across the street from my house tonight but I haven’t heard back from the manager yet. Probably cause our phone is either always busy or no one’s home. Pray for a mobile too hey. Cause I guess I don’t really need one, but it would make life so much more easier. Honestly, I’ve got like no money, but the peace of God is just huge and I’ve never felt so full of faith and like I could trust him this much. I guess that’s what happens when you have nothing left hey. But yeah it’s really good, and I’m just fully trusting God that his timing is perfect and that one of the “seeds” I have sown in the shops around will work out and I won’t be behind on my rent in Jesus name! Amen. What else?
I live with 9 other girls, and yeah that’s nice…most of the time. Like at least 70% of the time. Ha. Yeah I won’t go into too much. But honestly I have met a couple of the greatest girls and we’ve already established somewhat of a family and we have been able to lean on eachother and laugh and all sorts of fun stuff. So yeah praise God. Man I should really get to my assignments. But yeah God has just been doing so much. Really like the first two weeks I was here at Hills he was just ripping me up hey, just doing some really painful, but much needed surgery on my spirit and really just challenging me and putting me in my place I guess. And that has just grown into this huge root of faith and hope and trust. I’ve really just been challenged to open my eyes a bit more and really just look out for ways to love people, cause man this church is all about people and all about loving and serving people, and I am SO selfish hey. And I don’t want it to be something that I’m just striving for and agonizing over cause I know that’s not what it’s about at all, but I just want it to be that thing that just flows out of me. That I’m connected with Jesus, and living daily by his Spirit and that the love I receive from him just flows out of me and into the lives of the people around me. So basic I know. But really if my life isn’t centered around loving God and loving people then what’s the point. Ok this is just really funny to me, but I’m writing this update in MS Word, and I just wrote “centered” right and it underlines it like the spelling is wrong! Ha. Guess I’ll have to remember that for my essays and stuff though. Ok I’m gonna peace out cause I’m gonna get ripping on my assignments. But I love you all. You are all beautiful. I miss you all…except those of you that are here of course, and I’m PRAYING for you. PLEASE let me know what I can pray for…specifically if possible.
And thanks again Doreen for kicking my butt and making me update. Ha!
Love, love and HUGS!