Sunday, March 23, 2003

I've got just about 10 minutes left on my 30 minutes of internet so I thought I'd write a quick update.
I can't believe I didn't write about the album in here. Yeah it's been like 2 weeks. Yeah so I sang in the choir for the new Hillsong album and it was sick as. our shirts were really ugly aka "stylish" or "too incredibly trendy that they went out of style 10 minutes after we took them off". yeah, just my opionion. Everyone should start saving for this cd now though, cause honestly the songs are soooooooo good. And I'm singing on it! And you can hear me! =)
So yeah that was all fun and exciting, kind of a dream come true as well.
This past week our classes were cancelled because of the Colour Your World women's conference. I was an usher. Do you know how much it sucks trying to find seats for women? Women HAVE to sit with their friends. Even if they are irresponsible and come late, it is YOUR problem that there aren't 15 seats together in one place. Not to mention 2 seats together. Seriously I've never seen so many women together in one place. THe week was split into 2 conferences and I think there were about 8,000 women between the two. Yeah, can we say crazy hormones. yeah.
Everything else is going good. I've got quite a few assignments due in the next few weeks before the term is done. I should hopefully start working at Boston Market next week. Yeah finances, you can keep praying for those, ha. God is so amazingly faithful though hey. My parents are giving me some more money, which is sick as. THey are pretty sure they are moving to TX. Scarey.
God has been teaching me heaps about generousity. Being a generous person. I never realized how incredibly selfiish I am. In so many areas. I know alot of it is how I have been raised. Man I"m just getting started and I've got to go. This is what I miss about having the internet. Being able to just write and get everything out in here. I'm too lazy to write as much in my paper journal as I can fit in here. The whole writers cramp thing you know. Ok, maybe I'll fiNNish those thoughts another time.
Peace out.