Monday, March 03, 2003

yeah so the other day at hillsongwomen we were encouraged to get alone, with a blank piece of paper and write down the dreams we have for our lives. I loved it. I got so stoked I thought I'd just keep going. Eventually I got to the end. But yeah you should do it hey. No limits, no impossiblities, what do YOU want. Chances are they are some things that God wants as well. So yeah for some reason I felt extremely compelled to put these up here. Don't know why but there you go.
Sorry for the last entry. I heard it was long. =)
peace out...

-I want an awesome, committed marriage - preferably to an Australian. I want us to have similar dreams and vision for Sydney and the world and to have complimentary gifts and capabilities.

-I want to raise awesome God-seeking, life-loving, fun children who grow up knowing the power, love, size, and limitlessness of God.

-I want to start a cafe style ministry in the City that is aimed at reaching high school/university/career aged people with the living and relevant word of God. It will be a place full of love, where God’s kingdom and principles can be observed in action, where healthy relationships can be established and nurtured, where creativity, originality, and uniqueness is always encouraged, where truth is spoken and lifes big questions can be asked and answered. It's main purpose will be for outreach and evangelism - a cool, real, quality, excellent place where people from all faith backgrounds will be attracted to but also where Christians will feel totally comfortable bringing their non-Christian friends. It will be a place that is totally in the world, but not at all of it.

-I want to be totally planted at Hillsong church and be able to have sung in the bv's for church

-I want to be able to write songs for the church that are real and refreshing and come as the fruit of what God is doing in my life.

-I want to be able to get some sort of permanent residency status.

-I want my family to be able to visit me in Sydney.

-I want to travel.

-I want to, at some point, be involved in some sort of ministry with on of my close “soul mate" friends.

-I want revival in Sydney!!

-I want to have the financial resources to be able to give abundantly and generously to the church, to ministries and to friends in ministry and missions.

-I want to own a Maton guitar. =)