Wednesday, April 23, 2003

I thought it was about that time...I don't have alot tosay and I really don't actually have the time to be doing this but I feel like it so here I am. This week has been such a killer, and it's only been 3 days long. HA! But yeah praise God for friday's off hey!
So yeah Easter was good. I dunno, it didn't seem that weird to be away from home. I guess to me easter is more of a personal holiday than like a family/social holiday. Even though every other year I"ve celebrated it with them. Yeah I dunno.
I'm in this really weird time where I haven't really drifted away from God, but I have totally drifted away from being in the Word and like meditating on it, and it's just fully effecting my life. Like I've totally been prioritizing sleep and school over spending time in the word. It's weird cause like I honestly talk to God all through out my day. Especially when I'm just in a quiet place in my room, or wherever really, walking to school, like I just walk around and chat with him, and it's been more frequent, and more intimate, and everything than ever and that is awesome, but I don't know I can just sense that void where his written word to me is lacking. I totally am going to be spending a chunk of time over the next two weeks (exam week and holidays) just reading and meditating and yeah getting back into that habit. Cause I mean yeah life is busy, it's always going to be busy and you have to make that time you know. Like i'm disciplined in my time management in so many other areas I really need to kick this one in the bum again. Ok I need to go there are so many people needing computers for assignments it's rediculous.
One more thing...leah comes home today! or =( if you're in TX or if you're leah I guess. ha, i dunno I need to catch up with that girl.
Oh one more mom got a job! In like a 3 year old amazing highschool in Mesquite. I'm stoked. Ok so I seriously called her the other day, and it was like easter morning there before she went to church and I said "Hi mom, happy Easter" and she just started bawling. I was like crap. Yeah that's a whole other subject I'm sorting I miss them like hell, but I know I'm called here, and blah blah blah...I'm going. love you all. *hugs*