Sunday, April 13, 2003

Lots has happened. My family is officially moving to Texas. Weird as. My dad will probably go in June and mom and matt will follow in July. I'm really stoked for them, but it's weird thinking that i won't go back to "my" house. Pray for them. It's gonna be really hard esp. for mom.
God has been confusing me. Ok I know that's not true as God is truth and truth does not equal confusion, but yeah just about stuff about calling and that. THe last year I've just felt so hard core that I am called to Sydney like long term. You thought I was just comming here to college, but really I was comming to Sydney and college was the open door. =) But lately I've just felt so passionately about going home and really just getting planted at TBC and just going back wanting to serve there at any level, i dunno I've had this vision (not a literal one) of voluteering and maybe interning or something under the worship pastor there and I dunno just being committed to seeing change and breakthrough there. And it's so hard being so passionate about two COMPLETELY opposite things! If I could be in two places at once I would! So yeah God has fully just confronted me with taking things one day at a time, being committed to the season He has called me to now and if that changes I will know it. Like I've totally experienced this before, but GOd always makes an open door where He is leading you. SO you know if in 2 years there is no door for me to stay here then I guess I'll go home, but if there is no door to go home then I'll stay. Or whatever. I'm not worrying about it because all I have to do today is finish my assignments and invite people at work to come to easter this weekend! yeah that's right I started working this week. Go Boston Market. NOT. Seriously the first night I was there I was like, I've got to find an office job, but then I remembered I have psycho hours and probably wouldn't be able to work office hours. I'm so so so so so so so thankful for the job and the provision though. Seriously it's awesome. But yeah praise GOD it's just a season. ha.
Hm, what else was I going to say? Oh yeah, ha. I don't feel like getting into this too much cause I'll get all worked up and wordy and people will tell me to shut up and then I won't have any energy left for my essays I should be writting, BUT I am so DAMN sick of homophobic Christians. And I'm sick of living with them! if you can say something like that and just leave it, but I'm going to. Sorry.
Love you all.
peace out