Wednesday, April 02, 2003

So much to say so little time. it's been a crazy week. Some of which I wish I could share but I can't. Suffice it to say God is funny, and scary sometimes. Not scary "AH!" but scary "Are you kidding me God??".
Yes well, my family was in TX this past weekend. And seriously all glory to God, it went SO good. Like details that they could have never thought of came together. My brother hit it off so well with the guys at the church. My mom had an interview at the school dist. that went really really that have postponed hiring someone within the district for the position until my mom meets with the principle and goes through all the red tape, etc. Yeah kinda a long story, but the outcome it amazing. The church will be voting this sunday on whether or not to ask my dad to come on staff..and it's basically just a formality cause everyone likes him and I dunno from what I've heard the worship services he's been able to lead have been awesome, and has stretched the congregation in the way the senior pastor is wanting, etc. So yeah they'll probably be moving out there over the summer...the American summer...the real summer. =) God is definitely at work in all that jazz.
What else...yeah ok this is the coolest thing ever. So you know how in march we recorded the new album? Well there is a huge process to actually getting it to a quality where it can be sold and stuff ( one really wants to hear crying babies in the background...and how flat Darlene was singing...did I say that? KIDDING! she's seriously amazing) So yeah for the past while we have been overdubbing and fixing up alot of the stuff, including the choir, and last night I got asked to join in on the overdubs. Alot of the stuff they are doing in actual studios, but they are able to do the choir at the church cause the technology is all here and stuff, so yeah it was sick as. Well it was good, and bad, but yeah we got to wear the little headphones, and got to sing along to the raw mix of the cd and stuff. So if you buy the cd you might actually hear me. Well you will hear me, but you know, you won't. But yeah we went from 7pm to 12:30am I'm basically a zombie today. Hence the incredibly unorganized thought process in this blog. Darlene is the exec. producer right? That lady is like the sweetest dictator ever. Ha. Seriously, I've never seen somebody get frustrated or mad in such a graceful way. It was inspiring. ha. And it was totally this horrible cycle of us being tired so we would sing under pitch, then having to retake a million times because we were flat, and then having to stop and psych ourselves up, blah blah. And we HAD to finish it last night cause mixdown is monday and there was no other time blah blah blah, be seriously I reckon it would've gone so much better if we quit early last night and got there early this morning and finished. Anyway, so yeah that was heaps cool, and I'm really trying not to complain about the tiredness cause really it was a privelege. I have no idea how I got chosen, but yeah I'm stoked I did. Cause seriously there are no 1st years in there it's all like BV's and worship leaders and like long time choir members, and some second and third years, so yeah I don't know, but yay. so yeah I'm going to my guitar class now. that's about all the excitement for my far. You never know what could happen tomorrow!
peace out.