Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Ok I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pumped!!! My girls are comming to see me!!! Well not all of them, I so wish ALL my girls could come visit this awesome church and awesome city. But yeah this is such a miracle of God hey. Like they are going traveling around a bit first and then comming to sydney so they were going to have to get a ticket from singapore to sydney round trip and they only had $600 each to get them. And they having been searching for months and the cheapest have all been like $800 and stuff but I so knew they were gonna get here and was just praying my guts out that God would intervene and like they would get here and that they would be blessed and stuff and randomly last week they found tickets on SINGAPORE which is like nice AS for only $330 perperson ROUND TRIP! How cool is God. Alllllllllll glory to Him. Honestly, man He just so cares about his kids and their hearts and their needs AND desires. Cause I mean I would have lived without them comming to visit but do you even know how pumped I am that they are going to make it. Thank you JESUS! Now can you just provide tickets for all my other girls, and my family while you're at it? Awesome thanks.
K well I'm off. Love you all. Trust in Jesus.