Wednesday, May 07, 2003

So it's been a while hey. I guess it's usually a good thing when I don't feel the compulsion to write in here because it usually means that everything is going good and I have nothing to vent/process/complain about. But I guess it's bad for people that check up on me here, and a few of you have said that you do that on occasion. Blah blah blah.
This week we are on holiday. Oh blessed holiday! I haven't been doing much, but I haven't been bored. I went to the city church on sunday...I really REALLY want to move into the city, transfer campuses, find a better job. God will definitely have to put things in motion for that one cause I don't even really have the time to search it all out. Yeah actually it was really cool Robert Ferguson spoke..the most AMAZING preacher I have ever heard. seriously. I feel so priveleged to be able to be taught by him here. He's so much like me. Or I'm so much like him. We have similar personalities...whatever. But yeah it was one of those messages where you're just like does he know what I'm going through cause I'm pretty sure he wrote this up just for me. It was all about going through seasons of hunger. Not like good hungering after God, but like literal seasons of hunger or low finances or anything like that. Where you just don't know where your provision is going to come from, but you know it has to come from the hand of God. It was so good. I don't know I can't really explain the extent of it cause it was one of those supernatural things where God just changes something in your spirit that you didn't even know what there. Yeah I"m gonna stop cause I already sound like an idiot.
So yeah GOd has just been revealing cool things to me, and as I was telling one friend, if I was in this position a year ago, when I was living at home, I knew I'd have food (good food) from my parents, and that I'd have a house and they'd probably shout me some gas if I needed to get around I'd be freaking out! I would be striving and working so hard to get money whatever way I could, running my self into the ground and just constantly in a state of worry. But man, the peace of God just overflows in my life right now. I can't explain it but I just really really really for the first time probably trust him...mostly cause I have to...but I know that's why He's brought me here. It's a good place to be. Ok so going back to what I said I wasn't going to talk about any more... Robert mentioned on sunday night that if you don't go through these times, you will never develop into who God has called you to be, the dreams you have will pass away cause you don't know how to let God be your strength, and yeah. So if you haven't gone throuh one of "these" start praying for it. HA! But seriously I was thinking the other day how I would used to pray like God I just want to learn to be fully dependant on you, I want it to be true of me that when I am weak you are strong, and that I have the kind of faith that could move a mountain. So I'm not quite to the mountain bit yet but I know I'm heading down that road. Which is awesome. So if you find yourself praying anything similar to out. =)
Ok on a totally different subject, a guy that I live with...well that lives in the same like dorm complexy thingy that I do got the new Relient K cd in the mail yesterday from his girlfriend. And this guy (Josh) he's got curly hair so we're like brother and sister, he's cool...anyway when he got it he brought it over to me so I could borrow it! Cause he knew how much I'd been wanting to hear it! awwwwww. all the good ones are taken. Nah he's definitely not THAT kinda guy...a good surrogate brother though. SO yeah what a kick a** cd! oh my gosh! And what reminded me of that is that there is this song that talks about somthing like "I say I want to serve you with my life, but do I really know what I"m asking for" I don't knwo I only listened to it twice but yeah good stuff.
Ok so i'm off to work. I love how a 15 minute trip in the car to work takes me a good hour taking buses and crap. If anyone out there lives in australia and has a car they want to get rid of email me and I will so give you my phone number! ha.
love you all.