Friday, May 30, 2003

Well the girls are here.
It's weeeeeeeeeird, but cool. We're all really really tired. They didn't sleep on the plane and I got about 4 hours. RIght now we're all killing time at an internet cafe waiting for our bus back to Castle Hill. I'm in the smelliest little internet cafe full of little jr. high boys planing horribly violent lan computer games, and who only have four words in their vocab..all consisting of four letters. This key board sticks like glue and some of the letters won't caplitalize> and everytime you want a period it only makes a> ghetto. hey that's a period. ha.
Um yes so I'm really excited for our week> They all seem pretty cruisy which is a huge relief. I know my God is the provider so I'm not stressed about finances.
I just want it to be a really good week. I want to bless them, and I want them to get a glimps of the blessing of God i experience every day here> I don't know if their up for it> I don't know where they're all at with God. All at different places, but I so desire to at least see their eyes opened.
I could say more but I'm gonna end this cause I think I've nearly been on here a half hour and I don't want to get cut off before I get to post.
Much love>