Wednesday, June 11, 2003

I have no motivation to write in here as of late, i've been doing alot of paper journaling, but I figured I should at least mention the visit from the friends in AZ.
It was good. And really bad. We're in different places and alot of it just seemed weird and awkward. Not at all what i had expected or prepared for. I drank wine. They gavae my roomates and I an oven as a thankyou gift. yeah. I'm tired. sorry if it sounds bad.
On a lighter note, I just got an email from my mom...they are leaving on Monday or Tuesday. what the. My house. =( They threw away my bed. She was packing up stuff in my room and apparently ran across some of my journals. And read through them. She said they were cute and inspiring, so I'm assuming they were my diaries from when I was a little kid cause I'm pretty sure that I packed all of my recent journals. I know I did. She wouldn't have found them cute, possibly inspiring in some parts, but yeah I doubt she would have had the reaction she did, so I'm hoping. *HOPING* But then she got all sappy and said she always knew I was sensative to God and the Holy Spirit and reading stuff in there confirmed that and she apologized that her and my dad didn't create an environment in our house where open communication was encouraged. She said she was proud of me. Actually both of the rents have been saying that a lot lately. It's cool. It lifts such a weight off my shoulders thinking that they totally disapproved of me being here. I think they just disapprove of Australia. ha. when they come visit they'll understand.
Speaking of visiting australia, krys is comming in July. Miracle of God. I don't know if I was supposed to say that, but mate I'm just so believing that she's gonna be here. Like she might as well be here, that's how much I just KNOW in my spirit she's comming. I seriously have the same faith as one time a couple months ago when I litereally had like $2 in my bank account and I was in the grocery store really needing to buy food, and my bank has a branch in the store and I was like stuff it I'm going to check my bank account and I KNOW there is going to miraculously be money and there was like $150 in there. I don't know how it got there, but I knew it was gonig to be in there. I know krys is comming. Thank you Jesus.
K I'm hungry. So much for not feeling like writing.
Love and kisses.