Monday, August 25, 2003

um please pray that my wallet is found. I accidently (duh) left it under my seat at church sunday night and it hasn't been turned in yet. I've been keeping tabs on all of my accounts (to which there were cards in my wallet) and there's definitely no foul play (like I've got money anyway) but um, I'd REALLY like to have it back. All my ID, cards, etc. were in there, including TWO nearly full Gloria Jean's cards and one half full starbucks card. those in and of them selves are nearly priceless!
On a completely unrelated note, I ditched chapel today, and in return found out, for what feels like the first time, what it means that "His mercies are new every morning". Oh, how I need them EVERY morning. Help me Jesus, I can't do it on my own.

Well much unlike Krys I'm in the midst of somewhat of a blogging revival. Mostly due in part to the recent acquisition of being able to get on the internet anytime I damn well please, but it's also so nice to just be able to go blaaaaaaaah and get everything out of my head with out having to actually write it down. There is a definite time and place for a "real" journal, but for so many of the stupid thoughts that come into my head, this is a really good way for me to get them out.
Ok so I talked to Alison Kearsley today. You may be thinking, "And..." well when you haven't talked to your(a) best friend for literal MONTHS, the day you talk to her is a major event. And it's so killing me that she's like 40 minutes away and I haven't seen her yet. Jesus! I need a car! But I'm definitely planning on going out there on friday. yessss. Man it was so good to finally start catching up with her. We talked for nearly 2 hours and I think we covered all the major things, but I know there are so many more stories, and moments, and God things. 5 months is a looooooong time.
Well I could ramble on about the deficiences of Boston Market but I'll leave that for a later date as I'm feeling completely sleep deprived and I should wake up in about 7 hours. yay. But the good thing about tomorrow is that I will be seeing leah. yessssssss.
Goodnight friends.

Saturday, August 23, 2003

The Aussie Bible - once again furthering the untrue stereo type that Australians are all IDIOTS! Not the Australian public, but the idiot who took up precious time, space, and breath writing something no one will read or understand. I've lived in Australia for over one year (cumulative) and have never heard ANY of those sayings. What's more is that I heard about this waste of perfectly good trees through a US site via a link to a .za site (whatever country that is). But fair dinkum mate this read is gonna be the next best thing to vegemite and toast.

Friday, August 22, 2003

In other news...
my internet addiction has made a full and complete comeback with the recent addition of me having access at home. Some may think this would be detrimental to ones state of being, I believe the contrary to be true. Last night (or was it this morning) I made the most exciting discovery of the week...Jennifer Knapp is alive! And well! And has a "new" album comming out in a couple months. Oh the joy that filled my soul. I spent hours on the online survey trying to pick 3 favorite songs from each if that is a possible task...and crafting two of the most heart wrenching testimonies of how she has changed my life. Ok maybe not heart wrenching, but honestly when I started getting into I realized how much she has actually changed my life. I honestly do not know where I'd be or what I'd be doing if it wasn't for her music. Needless to say, The Way I Am is currently playing in my cd player.
On a much related note Ali comes home in TWO DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Through the amazing advances in modern technology and the amazingly cheap rate of calling cards in Australia I was able to go shopping with my dear friend krys yesterday. Funny thing was I was sitting here at my house in Sydney and she was driving all around suburban NorCal. So I got to go to Wal-Mart...oh how I had longed for thee...and an American Target! Sadly though I forgot to stock up on Reese's and Altoid's and good salsa. The really trippy thing was though, as I was sitting here in my house I could not for the LIFE of me vizualize her driving on the right side of the road and on the left side of the car. Like I was talking to her and having these mental pictures in my mind, and then I was like oh crap in my mind you are driving on the Aussie side, but in reality you aren't. It was seriously so weird.
This new bulletin was brought to you by:
A lack of sleep
International Roast instant coffee
Dodo'd be a dodo to use anyone else

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Just a little conversation I had last night with God.

Mel: Jesus I just want to be blameless before you
God: Ok well, then tonight don't take food home from work.
M: (damn)
But we just throw it out and it's free food, and totally helps my grocery bill
G: but I provide for you and not by ways that go against my nature.
M: But the managers let me take food
G: Are the supposed to?
M: Well that's their problem. Why are you doing this to me?
G: Cause you asked me to. mel if you do what's right I will bless you.
M: Well you've said that before this year and now I'm in debt and I want to trust that you are going to bring breakthrough but I'm tired of believing for something that never comes.
G: Mel you are so close and you now it. You have even started to see the first trickly of my outpouring. Don't stop trusting and believing and fighting now.
M: Yeah the windows of heaven are cracked over my life. woo hoo.
And it always comes in the form of like extra shifts or like the house with lower rent. Why can't I get handed a massive check or have money appear in my bank account like other people. I know you could do that.
G: It won't always come like you think. But blessing is blessing and provision is provision
M: I don't really like you right now.
G: That's ok.
I still love you.
There's so much I have in store for you Mel, but it requires all of these characteristics being built into your everyday life. It's ok to arue with me like this. I can handle it. And I can understand your doubts. But you know I don't, I can't lie. You know I provide and you know I bless obedience.
M: But it's so hard.
G: I'll help you. You don't have to do it by yourself.
M: Help me. I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief

Last night I got offered an extra shift and I got my first paycheck after they finally fixed my taxation percentage and I didn't get half of it stolen.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

Um do you like how krys has mass ammounts in her blog about being in Sydney and I haven't even mentioned it...oh wait there's one sentence in the previous entry. Right. Well I guess I don't really want to rehash it all. I mean it was awesome...but even just writing everything in my paper's emotionally draining. Love ya krys. Oh man I think I miss leah just as much as krys...actually I know I do...she messaged me the other day and asked if we can hang out on saturday and I almost started crying cause when you spend like 24 hours with someone for like 2 weeks you become kind of attatched! So yeah krys needs to come back and I need to move into the city closer to leah and ali needs to come home (a week from today) and Jesus needs to come back and then the world will be right...or non-exsistent. who knows. I do not.
So I moved this weekend. I think I'm in a mild depression due to the whole thing. On top of still being just a week without krys and leah and a week from ali. But seriously women are created to nest...we don't really like relocating all the time. ANd I'm one that deals fairly well with change and all that, and it's still got me in a bit of a funk. I love my new house, it's gorgeous and quiet...too quiet...and the roomies are great, but yeah it's just different and will take some getting used to. And conincidently I found out when I got to class this morning that my old roomates room...the one right across the hall from me, caught on FIRE last night. Right. Thankfully though she for some reason (she seriously doesn't remember why) went into my room last night and accidently fell asleep in there with a candle in her room still going. Now I will admit that jill is a bit of a pack rat, ok more like a pack BEAVER and her room quickly went up in flames, but hello she could have been seriously injured if i hadn't moved out and she wasn't in my room, cause I mean when that girl sleeps she SLEEPS. So yeah I guess God knew. Well I mean I KNOW God KNEW but yeah.
Can I also say that I just love Jesus SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much.
And can I also say that living with a married couple doesn't really help my growing desire to get married. "Jesus you're all I need, you're alllllllllllllllllllllllllll I need"
So I guess I'm out I gotta pee, and I gotta go practice some piano.
Love and kisses

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

hey kids thought it was tiime for a short update, and since I'm ditching the most boring class ever there's no time like the present! well I've only got 5 minutes then I've gotta catch a lift, but yeah just wanted to say hi, I'm alive, krys is here and it rocks. Ali comes home in 17 days and that rocks too. God rocks, Jesus rocks, his love rocks, Hillsong rocks, finances not-so-rocking at the moment, but definitely getting to at least "easy listening", and last but not least, you rock! I'm so blessed with friends.
Well I'm gonna rock outta here. More substance to follow shortly...