Friday, August 22, 2003

In other news...
my internet addiction has made a full and complete comeback with the recent addition of me having access at home. Some may think this would be detrimental to ones state of being, I believe the contrary to be true. Last night (or was it this morning) I made the most exciting discovery of the week...Jennifer Knapp is alive! And well! And has a "new" album comming out in a couple months. Oh the joy that filled my soul. I spent hours on the online survey trying to pick 3 favorite songs from each if that is a possible task...and crafting two of the most heart wrenching testimonies of how she has changed my life. Ok maybe not heart wrenching, but honestly when I started getting into I realized how much she has actually changed my life. I honestly do not know where I'd be or what I'd be doing if it wasn't for her music. Needless to say, The Way I Am is currently playing in my cd player.
On a much related note Ali comes home in TWO DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Through the amazing advances in modern technology and the amazingly cheap rate of calling cards in Australia I was able to go shopping with my dear friend krys yesterday. Funny thing was I was sitting here at my house in Sydney and she was driving all around suburban NorCal. So I got to go to Wal-Mart...oh how I had longed for thee...and an American Target! Sadly though I forgot to stock up on Reese's and Altoid's and good salsa. The really trippy thing was though, as I was sitting here in my house I could not for the LIFE of me vizualize her driving on the right side of the road and on the left side of the car. Like I was talking to her and having these mental pictures in my mind, and then I was like oh crap in my mind you are driving on the Aussie side, but in reality you aren't. It was seriously so weird.
This new bulletin was brought to you by:
A lack of sleep
International Roast instant coffee
Dodo'd be a dodo to use anyone else