Sunday, August 17, 2003

Um do you like how krys has mass ammounts in her blog about being in Sydney and I haven't even mentioned it...oh wait there's one sentence in the previous entry. Right. Well I guess I don't really want to rehash it all. I mean it was awesome...but even just writing everything in my paper's emotionally draining. Love ya krys. Oh man I think I miss leah just as much as krys...actually I know I do...she messaged me the other day and asked if we can hang out on saturday and I almost started crying cause when you spend like 24 hours with someone for like 2 weeks you become kind of attatched! So yeah krys needs to come back and I need to move into the city closer to leah and ali needs to come home (a week from today) and Jesus needs to come back and then the world will be right...or non-exsistent. who knows. I do not.
So I moved this weekend. I think I'm in a mild depression due to the whole thing. On top of still being just a week without krys and leah and a week from ali. But seriously women are created to nest...we don't really like relocating all the time. ANd I'm one that deals fairly well with change and all that, and it's still got me in a bit of a funk. I love my new house, it's gorgeous and quiet...too quiet...and the roomies are great, but yeah it's just different and will take some getting used to. And conincidently I found out when I got to class this morning that my old roomates room...the one right across the hall from me, caught on FIRE last night. Right. Thankfully though she for some reason (she seriously doesn't remember why) went into my room last night and accidently fell asleep in there with a candle in her room still going. Now I will admit that jill is a bit of a pack rat, ok more like a pack BEAVER and her room quickly went up in flames, but hello she could have been seriously injured if i hadn't moved out and she wasn't in my room, cause I mean when that girl sleeps she SLEEPS. So yeah I guess God knew. Well I mean I KNOW God KNEW but yeah.
Can I also say that I just love Jesus SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much.
And can I also say that living with a married couple doesn't really help my growing desire to get married. "Jesus you're all I need, you're alllllllllllllllllllllllllll I need"
So I guess I'm out I gotta pee, and I gotta go practice some piano.
Love and kisses