Monday, August 25, 2003

Well much unlike Krys I'm in the midst of somewhat of a blogging revival. Mostly due in part to the recent acquisition of being able to get on the internet anytime I damn well please, but it's also so nice to just be able to go blaaaaaaaah and get everything out of my head with out having to actually write it down. There is a definite time and place for a "real" journal, but for so many of the stupid thoughts that come into my head, this is a really good way for me to get them out.
Ok so I talked to Alison Kearsley today. You may be thinking, "And..." well when you haven't talked to your(a) best friend for literal MONTHS, the day you talk to her is a major event. And it's so killing me that she's like 40 minutes away and I haven't seen her yet. Jesus! I need a car! But I'm definitely planning on going out there on friday. yessss. Man it was so good to finally start catching up with her. We talked for nearly 2 hours and I think we covered all the major things, but I know there are so many more stories, and moments, and God things. 5 months is a looooooong time.
Well I could ramble on about the deficiences of Boston Market but I'll leave that for a later date as I'm feeling completely sleep deprived and I should wake up in about 7 hours. yay. But the good thing about tomorrow is that I will be seeing leah. yessssssss.
Goodnight friends.