Wednesday, September 10, 2003

I would just like to say that I am SO in love with Jesus. Like how faithful is he. It's shocking really. To think how much undeserved love I get. Like I was talking to a friend yesterday and she was telling me about some girls she works with and how like they wake up in the morning and don't know why cause they have no self-worth, they don't think their lives are valuable, they don't feel they are here for a reason or purpose, they don't know they are loved and a princess of a King. I was just like...woah...I never even realized that. I never even realized that I DO wake up in the morning because I am loved and valued and I have this amazing relationship with my creator that just captures my heart everyday and causes me to want to go out and see my dreams fullfilled. I didn't even realize that my whole life I had known I was of value to someone and that my life had significance and purpose. Like I just sat there almost saddened at how much I have taken for granted. But at the same time like having this revelation of how blessed I am to have always known those things and then just heart broken for the people who don't. Like why would you wake up if you didn't have Jesus. I mean hello I still struggle with making my bed an idol sometimes.
I would also like to say that I absolutely LOVE making new friends. I love going deep with people and I love hearing their stories and I love sharing mine and I love when you realize that God has probably brought you together as friends. (ok I so can not wait to know that about my man...that will be awesome) But yeah like Kate and i fully wagged our last class today and went to Starbucks and got some frappies and went to this gormet pizza place and just talked for hours. Like it was so good. It was so good to have someone here to do that with. I mean I have my aussie girls, but honestly I see them far too little...i mean I'm so glad they are here and i am here and I can see them, but you just know how it's so cool to have someone in your everyday life like that. Like how much do I miss that. Liene...I miss you hon! But yeah like I just keep getting blown away by this girl. Like I can't wait to see her outter shell crack cause there is a mighty woman of God underneath there that's going to change thousands of lives. no joke. So yeah that was freaking awesome, and it was so good to go somwhere and feel some sense of freedom. praise God. Well tomorrow's thursday, the next day is friday, and next week is our study break. Miracles are happening I tell ya. I think for now though I am off to bed to enjoy the miracle of sleep. And it is a miracle cause if I wake up tomorrow that's a miracle, and when I do wake up it'll be a miracle that I'm living in a new day with new grace and new mercies abounding for me. Thank you Jesus.
peace I'm out dawgs