Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Um I'd just like to say that it's really annoying when you have a week off and you technically can sleep in but your body (or God) won't let you. Mind you I have been wakeing up and lying in bed and praying for a while, which is good, but I"m just like this is rediculous! I want to sleep. And I could take a nap, but I mean once the day is started I really do have quite a lot to do. Today and tomorrow are like my blitzing assignment days cause I have no work. So today I outlined one essay and spent the rest of the day writing a song out in manuscript...and I'm not quite done, nearly done, just have to finish up a guitar part. Can I just say that 1.) I hate having to work at things. Like I used to think I was naturally gifted when it came to music and in some (very basic) respects I am, but I really have to work my butt off to make this work and to get it on paper properly and I hate that. I really wish I was mozart and could just whip out what was in my head. and 2.) I miss my dad's Finale program. That thing made writing music child's play. But I will say that the more I write this stuff out by hand, the more easy it becomes. I know you may be thinking, "Easy, it took you a whole day and you're still not done" But compare that to like a week of frustrating work and lots of messy erasures and I have come a long way. Which is good. I'm also frustrated that lately I have been writing songs that I'm not capable of playing. And see I don't even know how that happens? How is it possible to write something you can't play. I mean fair enough if it was a symphony, but I'm talking like voice and guitar here. I'm not coordinated enough to play some of these rythms and sing different ones at the same time...and I came up with a wicked guitar interlude that I've been practicing all day and I think am just starting to get kinda smoothly. It sucks. I want krystle's hands. But at the same time it is cool that I have moved a bit (only a bit mind you) past E A B C#m E.

I got a new phone yesterday. It's so cute! I seriously love it. And get this I am saving money by getting a cute new phone. There's this kinda newish phone company here called Orange (which i have a sneaking suspision that it's owned by Cricket in the states) anyway they have cheap as service and rates and stuff and I'm like finally a cell phone plan in australia that makes sense. Anyway it's a 24 month contract (although I can cancel at any time, I'd just have to pay the balance on the handset) and I just pay $18/month and I got the phone for free! My cute little brand new phone. It's less money than I was spending/ month with my pre-pay but I also get hecka better rates so I think it will work itself out.
In other exciting news I made the bloody best enchilada's tonight. Not even good for Aussie enchilada's just plain ol' GOOD enchiladas. But I am now offcially out of all my "real" mexican food brought to me from America. Man I'm gonna be eatting off those things all week. Ok you want the recipe cause they were seriously SOOOO good. And they are really easy and great for college students cause man talk about left overs. mmmmmm.
So you mix a can of refried beans with about maybe i dunno 1/4 cup green enchilada sauce not too much so that it's really runny but enough so that it's a nice smooth texture and in about I dunno 2 tsp. of oregano (i never measure things I just start dumping) and about 1 clove of garlic chopped up, and like about a hand full of cheese put it all into a pan and mix it up and let it kinda simmer on low and get warm. Get 10 corn tortillas and one at a time heat them in a frying pan with a tiny bit of oil for like 5 seconds on each side then soak them on both sides in enchilada sauce. Put about 2 spoon fulls of the warm bean mixture into the tortilla and wrap it up and put it in a baking pan thing. the tortilla should stick together because of the sauce. So do that for all the tortillas pack em all together in the pan dump the rest of the enchilada sauce all over them and cover them with cheese. Now see, you have to bake them in the oven and since our oven only works on broil I don't really know how to tell you a better way to bake them but I just put them in the cold oven and put it on broil and then left them in there for probably 10-15 minutes until the cheese was brown on top. I'm telling you this is an award winning recipe. mmmm I want some more.
Anyway I think that's it for now. Gotta finish the song before the Amazing Race comes on!