Saturday, September 20, 2003

yep well it was a fantastic week. I got lots of work done but I'm ready to get out of here praise God we have another week break in three weeks time. I remember giving ali crap about all the breaks she had at I LOVE it. But yeah during that break in october Kate and I are going up to Port Macquarie to serve at the AOG national (or is it state?) conference. I know you're thinking "Wow mel, you're super spiritual to give up a week of to go and serve" (I know that's what you're thinking so don't lie to yourself) but I mean yeah ok it'll be cool to serve, sounds pretty laid back, but it's an all expenses paid trip to Port, which is beautiful and some place other than Sydney...not that I am sick of sydney by any means, but I just love traveling, and um yeah apparently we have quite a bit of time off to head to the beach as well so ya know it'll be great. Plus maybe kate will let me drive her cool car. Speaking of kate we hung out a bit this week, and once again I am reminded that I am abundantly blessed with what has to be the best relationships in the world. Honestly I don't know why or how God keeps putting amazing people across my path in life, but I'm just blown away. The girl brough be a bag of ground starbucks coffee for my newly acquired coffee pot yesterday! I mean hello! Instant best friend right there. If the relationships I have now are any indication of what my marriage will be it on baby. Yeah I've recently moved back into the "I'm SO ready to be married phase". But then I almost had a panic attack at church last night when Donna said something about imaging the stage in life when you have a baby on your hip. I almost stopped breathing, and since kids are generally a result of marriage, maybe I can wait. But I mean by time you get the whole relationship going, and established, and then engagement, a couple years then I'll be ready. So anytime now God. =) I like how he doesn't get tired of hearing that.
God's really been testing me on generosity recently. sigh, man I didn't realize how attached I am to "things". Like I really do have a naturally generous spirit I think, and I mean I guess I do let go of things fairly easily once I get over the initial, "You want me to what..." Cause see I've been telling God that I need more money cause I really want to be able to give more money, and there's so many people here that I want to bless and there's just so much need and I so wish I could do more to fill then God goes and says "well start with what you have". So this weekend was a good friends birthday here and like she has done SO much for me, and the rest of the TAFE girls this year so I was like I can't NOT get her something but I really didn't have money to spend blah, started going off to God about how I need more and he was like "Well that Switchfoot cd sitting on your bed stand there is brand new and she doesn't have it". ouch. And I had just been talking to her like a day or two before about that cd and she said she wanted it so much. gave her the cd, she was so pumped. I was blessed to see her that blessed. Definitely no regrets. Then last night after church kate and I went to Gloria's and I realized I was on my free drink on my punch card then the Holy Spirit whispers (give it to her). but, but I've worked so hard and paid so much for this free coffee! So with just about only a 20 second hesitation this time I say, hey I have my free coffee on my punch card, you want it! ouch. So we go to Gloria's I order our coffee's and my friend Kyle is working and I give him the card and everything and go to get out my money for mine, and he's like aw don't worry it's on me tonight. You can't out give God. So now I'm just waiting for an opportunity to give away a guitar and expect I dunno maybe a Taylor or Maton in return? (Ok I so take that back God!) But seriously when you start to ask for opportunities the windows of heaven open, and I'm so blessed and so pumped cause I really want to get even more of a generous spirit and I want to hold these crap possessions even more loosely and just really be able to see other people flourish. yeah I dunno. Moral of the careful of what you ask for. You'll most likely get it.