Thursday, October 16, 2003

g'day from Port Macquarie, NSW. This is seriously a great little beach town and I would love to come here for an actual holiday sometime. I could see how it could be a very cool cruisy place. Not a city, but not the middle of no where. I'm up here doing the preschool kids program for the NSW AOG pastors conference. It's all gotten a bit much today. The program here is seriously not even close to as organized as it is at Hills, which has been a bit frustrating for us all who are used to a preschool program that even keeps the leaders attention span. And the lady who is in charge of running it is seriously on my last nerve. One of those people who just grates on you. Like she's really nice and stuff, but i don't think she's stopped talking since we arrived here monday afternoon. And for someone who claims to have been running kids ministry's and working in day cares for years it's pretty shocking how unorganized stuff is. anyway. and today kate has been weird and had stuff going on with her and her sister (i think) but she says she doesn't want to talk about it until tomorrow, so that's kind of stressing me out a bit. I mean stuff must be ok but she's seriously been like so not herself today. Some other stuff too which has just been hard to process. the roomate situation here is a bit odd as well, it's me, kate, and courtney who all drove up together and then another girl we didn't really know, but she goes to college, and then this like 60 year old lady (who seriously looks late 40's) that is going to another bible college that is up here serving this weekend. And she is just awkward. And yeah i guess it's all just gotten to be a bit much. blah, any way i'll finish this later cause someone wants to check his email and I should take a shower. see you tomorrow after I get home.