Friday, October 10, 2003

I'm not sure why but for some reason I am feeling compelled to copy in here what I wrote in my journal this morning. I know for me, the repitition will help it stick. So here goes nothing.

So in order to get my eyes off my self and on to Jesus I decided I should get to know him more. Genius I know. But get to know him specifically through his written word. I think I depend too much on hearing him speak to me. It's not a bad thing, but I know that if you don't have a healthy diet of the truth in scripture that it's easy for the enemy to sneak in and get you off course. So I'm back to the begining, back to the basics. Back to the book of Jon, to get to know Jesus by how he lived his life on earth. I also want to look at the different names of jesus and what those teach us about who he is. Before I really dig into it, a tangent. I find it quite humorous that in ch 1:20 the priests and levites ask John the Baptist if he is the Christ. You know the camel hair, dreadlocks au natural, bug guts in his teeth, honey mattup in his beard - John the Baptist. Whatever happened to the Jews expecting a roal king? Someone who would come with wealth and power and kick out the evil oppressive Roman rule. Why are they asking this guy if he's the Christ? I reckon the Jews knew whom they were to be expecting - it is all through out the OR. They were just hoping for something different.
Anyway, back to Jesus. The first name he's given by John is "the Word". He could have been in the WWF. According to my study Bible, the word used here in Greek reffered to the unspoken as well as the spoken word or - "The reason". That's pretty cool. So here John is calling Jesus "the reason" for the Greeks (known throughout history for their reasoning capabilities) and for the Jews the word traditionally reffered to God. John is kiling like a million birds with one stone here. With one really clever vocabulary choice he has included both Jews and Greeks, inviting them all in to hear the rest of what he has to say. For the Jews he has made a firm stance on his belief of the diety of Christ. All with one word. - Selah -
next John implies him as the Creator (v. 3, 10-11). Creation forgot their creator. Been there, done that. Walking out of that pit at this moment. I'm starting to remember him again. But not only did they forget, they rejected. They rejected the only thing that was sustaining their life, allowing them to reject. How's that for the grace of God. "So I made you, and now I'm here to live with you for a few years and you're rejecting me. But instead of removing the oxygen from around your head, I'm going to let you keep living and rejecting me hoping that one day you'll recieve me". man, that's about all I have time for right now. And I haven't even gotten to the bit about jesus being life and light. And that's like my favorite bit.. Even so, everything else I just wrote about is enough to keep you going for eternity.